Kassem lands a nice one

Big news – Chris accepted a transfer to San Francisco, the Sephora corporate headquarters. His new district does double the volume of Chicago and covers stores in downtown San Fran and east out past Oakland plus 4 stores in Hawaii. He’s been doing the Dallas district in addition to Chicago on a special assignment for a month or so and it’s possible that all three districts will overlap for a short time. The transfer is not a big surprise since the last couple of times he visited the corporate office, the subject of a possible transfer was raised by the bosses a couple levels up the food chain. He was there a few weeks ago to check out housing and found new digs in Walnut Creek so by the middle of next month he’ll be living there.
More big news – the bass are biting fairly well. I’m catching them now off the dock and out of a boat, plugging along the shore. The speckled perch season never really amounted to much so I’ve moved on to something I understand better.

A couple of pics from the recent visit by our grand nephew Kassem. The nice bass was an interesting catch. He was catching small bluegill with a little kid’s outfit. The small bluegill are then used for bass bait. As he lifted one out of the water, a big bass lunged at the fish from under the dock. He missed it and I told him to just drop it back into the water quick, quick. He did and the bass that missed it the first time nailed it instantly. The little bait rig had a very tiny, number 6 hook so the likelihood that it would hook or hold a big bass was zero. Or so I thought. Somehow it did indeed hold the fish and we managed to land it. Congrat’s Kassem – he cleaned my clock that day. The other pic is Kassem’s hammock. He wanted to sleep out in nature so he strung it between poles on the dock and slept out. We figured about midnight he would have enough of that – listening to the night critters roaming around in the jungle – so we left the lights on and the doors unlocked. He actually slept the first night until almost 10AM and went back for another night. He and Simon are going to connect and do some real back to nature kind of camping. Who’d a thunk.

Kassem's Bass
Kassem’s Bass
kassem hammock

The job I hate the most while Nancy recovers is shopping – especially grocery shopping. She and I just move at a different pace and have different styles so it’s really painful for both of us. But Nancy came up with an idea that seemed to work perfectly. She called out a list of what she needed in exactly the sequence they’re found in the store. I wrote down the list and sure enough, everything was in order and the whole process was fast and painless. No searching and hunting. I’m really impressed with how she can remember exactly where everything is located and can do the sorting mentally.

President Trump???? another “who’d a thunk it”.

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