Garden Progress

I wore out my main wheelbarrow after only 12 years and was watching for a sale at Lowes to get a replacement. George said he could use the old one for parts so I gladly gave it to him. Instead he decided to do a refurb on this one and several others he had laying around in various states of disrepair. I didn’t think anything more about it until it showed up at my back door, nominally repaired. He didn’t use standard issue repair parts but somehow made it quite useable. I decided to go the extra mile – paint it and get bicycle handle bar grips to fit over the steel square extrusions George had fashioned into handles. Just like new!!! Probably another 12 years left in it.

Like New
Like New

Big day in the garden – removed the walls of water that have been protecting the squash plants. The pic’s show before and after. Feb 28 is the earliest ever for the summer squash. My hope is that we can be picking squash before the bugs ever know it’s there. I’ve got three lines of attack for this year. I’m going to spray with NEEM, a natural insecticide; I’m planting nasturtium seed adjacent to the squash plants, another natural insecticide; and covering the plants with a very fine netting. If this defensive triad doesn’t get it done – the farmers market is the fallback.

no hot caps
no hot caps
with Hot Caps
with Hot Caps

Nancy attended some major quilt show in Daytona and reinforced my belief that quilters will really buy anything. She literally bought a one pound bag of sand to make a pin cushion. Talk about selling ice to the Eskimos, there’s a company called Primitive Gatherings that can talk grown up ladies into buying a bag of sand literally a 100’ from the beach. The real irony was that I spent about an hour shoveling sand over at Garrett’s house the same time she was at the show buying it.

I boycotted the Oscars too – there’s just not the correct diversity among the nominees to match national demographics. For the same reason I’m boycotting the NBA and the NFL and most major college sports. I’d probably boycott soccer based on over representation of Hispanics but I don’t watch it anyway so a boycott would be meaningless.

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