Catching Up

Sorry for the break in postings. We’ve been having health issues that have involved numerous trips to doc’s, disrupting our normal activities. I even let weeds grow in the garden and Nancy got behind on her quilting so you know we’ve been otherwise consumed. Now we’ve got this hurricane to contend with. I officially end hurricane season 10/15 so we seem to have escaped another year. So, we’ve had zero hurricanes since 2004. And yet the globe continues warming and the predictions for hurricanes keep getting more alarming. Eventually we’ll have a big storm and the warmers will give us a big “I told you so”. Or they’ll start saying the reason we’re getting milder hurricane seasons is because of global warming. And come up with another computer model that proves it.

The house up the road is gone. It had been built on a large mound of dirt which was destined to be hauled away. George suggested that they dump some of it on a spot we could both access as wanted. If you live in a jungle on a lake, you can always use fill dirt so we now have enough to last a few years. I’m guessing it’s close to 20 yards – lots of shoveling and wheel barrows in my future. I’ve already started filling in low spots near the dock.

Nancy’s cruise to Bermuda was great. There’s a hurricane heading that way right now so the timing was just right. Tom came up to the lake a few times while she was gone to keep me company and make sure I was watching the right football games. We took in a game at UCF where he has season tickets and ate out a few times at great sports bars.

Fishing is picking up. It’s really not been much all summer but in the past couple of weeks I’ve started picking up nicer size bass. I try to get out for an hour or so every day, mostly in the evening but sometimes mid day when the spirit moves me. Hooked one large enough to tow the kayak around a bit before wrapping himself in the lily pads.

I’m at one of those points in life where things start breaking down. Not me, but things. The ABS light is continuously lit on the Merc; the high speed window wipers on the Toyota don’t work; and the lawn mower won’t run. Granted all of these have 10 years + service but still………….. I just had a window motor replaced on the Toyota a month or so back. So I have a suggestion for the new set of politicians running – a medicare benefit for old cars. A car over 20 years old and driven by someone on SS should be covered for health problems – such as window motor replacements. The Merc wouldn’t be covered since it’s almost new – 2006 but both the Toyota and truck would easily fit. I would hope lawn mowers would also be covered but ours is only 12 years so not yet ready. Also, I managed to fix the mower myself.

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