Smaller Walkways in the Garden

Another Emergency room happening – not me, not Nance, but rather George. I was sitting on the back porch reading and heard George calling for Barbara – over and over. I had heard him grinding away on something, I thought fixing the lawn mower, then it stopped and he started yelling for Barbara. Not unusual bur it persisted. I decided to check it out and got there just as Barbara was coming out of the house trying to call me on the cell phone and also call 911. George was bleeding profusely from the arm and face. He’s on a blood thinner so the bleeding was scary. I ran home and got the car, prepared to drive him to the regional clinic if the 911 route didn’t work. Within a few minutes I could hear the sirens coming and soon the EMT’s were working on him. The face looked bloody but didn’t seem to be cut nearly as bad as the arm. They got pressure bandages and wrappings on it quickly and within 10 minutes he was in the vehicle heading for the hospital. He never passed out and the EMT’s didn’t seem to think he had lost all that much blood – they said it looked like a lot, but he was in no danger of bleeding out. Final word – he was stitched and back home just before dark, about 6 hours start to finish. The face wound was an abrasion not a cut; the arm was cut in a couple of places and did hit a small artery but nothing critical. Twenty stitches total.

Got the ABS brake light problem fixed on the Merc – turned out to be a wiring problem where rats or squirrels had eaten thru one of the sensor wires. I guess I have to break out the rat poison again even though I haven’t sighted any nest building under the hood for at least a year.

The weather has turned fall like, air conditioning off, doors and windows open, so I’m planting up a storm in the garden. Put in carrots, more lettuce, radishes, spinach, turnips and beets. Next, all the greens move from the starter trays to the garden. I should be approaching 100% by the middle of this week. In fact the only thing not planted are the onions. I have space allocated but they haven’t released the sets for sale. I’m also thinking about trying some potatoes again. I have the room and the season’s right so if I see something nearly sprouting at PubliX, I’ll pull the trigger.

One of the seasonal garden tasks was disrupted by the Daytona News Journal – they decided to reduce the physical size of the paper. They described it as a way to keep from raising prices and I can appreciate that but I’m sure they never anticipating the impact on me personally. Between garden rows are walkways. The width of the walkways has been defined by the length of the paper. I clean out the walkway then put down a section of the paper and cover it with mulch. The layer of paper is critical to stopping weed growth and holding in moisture. When I started the process this year, the paper didn’t fill the span between the rows so it took two sections, overlapped to make up the difference. Either that or change the size of the walkways. Turns out the WSJ downsized similarly but since I haven’t had to redo the walkways in a year, I never noticed or had forgotten about it. Bottom line – I made the walkways a few inches narrower. Another way to say that – I made the planting rows wider. After I lay down a layer of newspaper, I overtop it with mulch. I use special mulch for the walkways – rougher, tougher stuff such as oak leaves, pine needles, or palmetto fronds. Material that will hold up at least 6 months before breaking down into soil. That compares to garden mulch that I use on the planting rows which is softer and breaks down into soil much faster. You know you have enough mulch when you start organizing it!!

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