First Zucchini on Table

They stepped up the work on the house demolition and it will be completely gone by the end of this week. I went up last night and purloined a couple of concrete blocks that were destined for the landfill – everybody needs a few blocks around, don’t they? The pic was taken last night.


About 2 weeks ago Nancy gave me a 28oz can of frozen grease drippings. I put it in the freezer intending to add it to the trash when I rolled it out for pickup Monday morning. Out of sight, out of mind and I totally forgot. I caught it this week and put it in the container right away. Bad move. I set it up so it couldn’t spill when it melted but wasn’t thinking of it as a bear lure. The can was turned over last night and the grease can was sitting near by, neatly scooped out. So putting it in a ziplock bag doesn’t seal the fumes in.

Picked the first zucchini from the August planting. The seeds went in the ground Aug 8 so seed to table in about 6 weeks, about 2 weeks earlier than predicted. Of the 4 plants that germinated, 3 survived. The other is a dependable variety so it wasn’t an experimental choice. It fell victim to little green caterpillars. It was side by side with the other plants and that one was the only one eaten. I yanked out the carcass last night and put in crook neck squash seeds. If we have a warmer than usual fall, we should be eating little crook necks by mid November. I’ve never tried this particular variety so it’s a bit of a crap shoot. If it works and likes Barberville, I’ll plant more in the spring.

Got much of the winter stuff going now – where going means planting seeds. That includes kale, collard greens, cabbage, cauliflower, kohlrabi, lettuce and broccoli. These items will literally be put in the garden by mid October. Still to go: spinach, chard, beets, another kale variety, peas, radishes and more lettuce varieties. I’m also going to try turnips again. I tried them very early in my Florida gardening efforts and got absolutely nothing so it’s time to try again. I’m going to really focus this year on spreading out the plantings so I have a continuous flow of goodies and good variety. That sounds easy but I invariably end up with loads of X and not so much Y.
The rain has persisted and the lake is now at the peak for the year. We’re just about through the rainy season and have more than enough to carry us through the winter. When I plant in the garden and dig down a foot or so, it’s mushy wet.

No nose bleeds for a full week so I’m calling it fixed. I finally, today, got an appointment with an ENT for next Friday. The only reason for keeping the appointment is to get all the information regarding the nose sprays first prescribed. When do I stop taking them? and do I need a renewable prescription or is there some over the counter med that does the same thing?
Nancy is winging her way to Bermuda by way of NY.

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