Armadillo Attack

Had a strange one in the garden today. The garden is approximately rectangular, 35’ x 40’, enclosed by a 3’ high wire fence with a couple of gates. I’ve taken grass cuttings from the field when it was mowed and banked them on the inside of the enclosure along the fence. I do that because it decomposes slowly and retains moisture for release during the heat of the day. When I came out to do my normal morning garden check, the grass had been noticeably disturbed all along the perimeter, not an inch of it left alone. In places where I have planted close to the fence line, the plants were buried under the grass clippings but not dug up. I had planted some onions very close to the edge so those were really the only plants badly disturbed and I think everything else will be fine. It had to be an armadillo that somehow got inside the fence and then systematically worked his way around the perimeter digging out ants. One corner was particularly dug up and I know from past experience that this particular corner, for some reason, is an ant gathering place. Good. It was also interesting that there was no digging in the garden itself, just along the periphery.

The weather couldn’t be better for the garden, for fishing or for just hanging out on the dock; 80’s and mostly sunny with an occasional cloud all day, 60’s at night. The forecast looks the same for the next 7 days. No air conditioning in either direction – doors and windows wide open.

I buy most of my garden seeds from catalogs rather than local sources because of the wide variety available. They’re not cheap and keep going up more than inflation rates, I suspect because more people are trying home gardens. One problem I have is that most of the seed companies package way too many seeds in a single pack. Many/most veggies are packaged with literally hundreds to thousands of seeds per package of which you use a couple of dozen if you are sloppy handling them. Some seeds will keep a few seasons but the germination rates drop with age so ideally you’d like to start with fresh seeds. A couple of years ago I found a new (to me) seed company with almost all the varieties I use but at half to a third of the price. I suspected there was something wrong with the seed but found they were just as good as the more expensive seeds I’d been using. The secret was that instead of 1000 seeds, maybe they packed 50 in a container. So on a per seed basis, they were actually more expensive but I didn’t end up tossing unused, outdated seed so for me, it’s much more economical dealing with Pinetree Seeds.

Our computer monitor died or maybe the cable between the laptop and the monitor died, or maybe the external video port on the laptop died. I won’t be able to isolate it further for a couple of days when I venture to town but my hopes are that the cable is the culprit – not the most likely but there are some hints that it might be that simple. I could get by easily with the laptop screen but it’s a bit small for my bride. I think I’ll go fishing and cogitate on it!

Update – it was the cable. George had one so we tried it and voila!

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