Rain and Turkey This Week

Wow, over 4” of rain Tuesday; the beaches had closer to 7”, setting records that go back to 1972. I hope it didn’t wash out the seeds I planted last week but I guess it’s possible. If nothing pops up in the next few days, I’ll replace them. I’m usually worrying about seedlings drying out but this year it’s been washing out. Maybe I should try rice. I can’t remember the lake being this full going into the winter season. Usually November is a dry month but we’re experiencing a very wet one following an unusually wet October following an unusually wet September. George’s field is a swamp, the garden being an island – a veggie hammock. I’m sure I’ve never seen the lake this high so late in the year. And if you’re curious about the seeds that I planted last week before the deluge, the Tatsoi and Tyfon, whatever they are, did actually germinate. Not so the Broccoli Raab. That seed was a couple of years old so it’s possible that the flooding was not the problem. And as hoped, the speckled perch are schooling and biting well.

We headed over to Joey’s on Wed, did the Thanksgiving thing on Thursday and then home to the lake on Friday. Thanksgiving came off just fine with no hitches in the getalong as best I could tell. The weather was warm enough for the outdoor dinner, upper 60’s, and the tent was sized perfectly for 20 people. I’m not sure who brought what particular dish but all the ones I sampled were really good and there was plenty. Katie Ronca showed up after a 3 hour drive that extended a couple hours because of a dead battery along the way. She fit in perfectly and within a few minutes of her arrival you’d have never guessed that she didn’t live here with us. I’m sure we’ll be seeing her at future events.

Made the first green smoothie of the season. I have sufficient Kale and Spinach to make one every day now and will soon be mixing it up with such favorites as Collards, Kohlrabi greens, Swiss Chard, Tyfon and Tatsoi. I could be the first person on the planet to have mixed these into one concoction. I guess if I make a toxic mix it’ll smoke or start to bubble on it’s own. Also picked the first cherry tomatoes of the season so the tomato season was not a total bust. We need to fight off the vortex for another month to make it semi successful. Maybe I should pop one of those into the next smoothie. Radishes?

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