A New Coach

Planted another, 12’, row of carrots, another row of broccoli raab, and transplanted a couple of cabbages from the starter flat to the garden. The lettuce I thinned early in the week and replanted are doing just fine. This weather is perfect for all that – slightly overcast, coolish, high humidity. I’ll watch the cabbage for a few days and if it survives, I have about 15 more ready to go. Ditto a flat of broccoli. The strange, new greens also seemed to be doing really well, putting out new leaves. Still too soon to say exactly what the finished product will look like. Perhaps I’ve planted them too closely or too far apart and maybe they taste so bad it’s all wasted space. I’m guessing early January for the first taste tests. Picking a pocketful of cherry tomatoes most days so the salads now include fresh picked lettuce, radishes, and tomatoes. Enough Kale leaves to make a daily green smoothie and by the end of Dec there will be enough to open a smoothie bar. I’m supplementing the kale with radish leaves – no idea what that’s doing nutritionally but it looks good and tastes the same to me.

Had a mini disaster yesterday involving the grill. Drippings from the grilling process drop into a one quart galvanized bucket. On the old grill, that bucket hung out in the open and you could easily see the level of crud. With the new grill, the bucket is tucked away underneath and behind a door so it looks sleek and professional compared to the original but,out of sight…………. I was changing the gas bottle and brushed against the, nearly full, bucket. What a mess. This is a really gooey, black mixture with a heavy molasses consistency and maybe a pint of it ended up on the floor of the grill cabinet. I guess I knew it was there but in my mind, no way we’ve used it enough to even come close to filling the bucket. Wrong. Other than being an incredible mess to deal with, the first thought in my mind was how much nasty stuff we didn’t consume. We’ve been using it for 6 months and I think this was the second bottle change so in the future I have to remember to dump the goop every time I change bottles. Another reason for the lapse was that with the old grill I never cleaned it after using but rather did a thorough (for me) cleaning with every bottle change which included dumping the grease. With the new grill I’ve been diligent to clean it after each using so the bottle change was just that. Luckily my bride was not around when it all happened.

Sure glad the Gator coaching drama is over – quicker than I expected. Even though they got the new guy from Colorado State, he has enough quality SEC experience to satisfy me. Not sure how this new playoff system is any better than the BCS bowl approach with lots of conjecture as to how the final teams are selected.

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