Catchin’ Up

Don’t know which made me feel better, the Gators trouncing the Bulldogs or the Republicans trashing the Democrats. The former was a total surprise, the latter not so much. Wonder how long it will take for XL pipeline legislation to hit Obama’s desk? All in all, sure glad the election is over and all those lousy commercials will be put to bed for a year or so. The world is a better place now.

Don’t think I mentioned it but while we were at the beach Simon was on a hike in the Smokies – either on or heading for the Appalachian Trail (AT). You might recall there was a freak, early season storm last week which brought snow as far south as Simon. I guess he was not prepared for that kind of weather and at one point found himself waist deep in snow. Some of his gear was not quite ready either and he had a sleeping bag malfunction. He was by himself to start with but met up with some fellow strandees and they managed to make their way back to civilization all safe and sound if not wet and bedraggled.

We had company for a few days this past week which is why this posting was delayed. Old friends from the early 70’s in Altamonte who are now living in St. Petersburg came over for a few days. Lot’s of fun. We took a day and went over to Joey’s to show them his house and the construction status of the new boat. I hadn’t seen the boat in quite a while – at least 6 months – and I was truly taken back by the progress. The hulls and the superstructure are now all together so you can see the thing in all it’s glory. It’s starting to look exactly like the plans – a dual hull, James Bond, futuristic look. The battery was dead in my camera or I’d be posting a picture of it here. Maybe next time. It’s still hard to get the scope of it with a single shot because it’s under shelter.

Let’s see – in the garden I’ve been planting new stuff all week. Added more carrots, chard, cauliflower, another lettuce variety, more spinach, kohlrabi and kale. Also a load of onion sets – probably 100+ but I didn’t count. The tomato plants are loading up with green tomatoes and blossoms but not sure if the weather will let them live up to their potential – what with the polar vortex and all.

Winter is happening – are you kidding polar vortex again after another zero hurricane season. lovin’ global warming. Some wacky scientist on CBS was saying that by 2100 it would be too warm to grow sufficient crops to feed the world. I seem to remember that from the 60‘s when that same problem was attributed to a new ice age and the world’s population growth. Wonder if he’s looked at a map lately to see how much new farmland would be created? Would it be so awful to grow citrus in North Dakota?

Forgot to mention how well the wireless home phone worked on the trip. So we have a portable home phone and caught a couple of important calls we would have missed. If I put a small inverter in the car, I could power the whole home phone thing in the car – not that I would but interesting that we could.

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