Back from the beach

For those of you who are concerned that we are not eating properly at the beach, tonight is fish taco and ice cream night; last night was pizza; tomorrow night is wacky wing Wednesday with half price drafts on the pier; and Thursday is fish and chips at the Golden Lion. So quit worrying – this is turning into a health food exemplar.

Nancy is pouting that she didn’t bring a spare sewing machine along and uses the fact that I bring 3 fishing rods, well 4 if you count the river rod, as proof that we have plenty of room in the car for spares. First, I bring no spares at all. I have one rod that is exclusively rigged for bluefish using finger mullet for bait; one rigged exclusively for small fish using shrimp or sand fleas for bait; and one rig with a lure attached just in case I spot something striking in the surf. I don’t know how I could carry any fewer rods and still get the job done. She turned down my offer to take her home, an hour away, to trade in machines even when I assured her that if one of my rods broke, we’d be on the road back to fetch a replacement in a matter of hours.

So the highlight of the beach trip this year was having Dan and Margaret Stireman, long time friends from Utah, visit. The lowlight of the trip was Nancy ending up in the Emergency Room after a fun ride in an ambulance. Turned out to be a manageable problem but it was scary at the time. Second in low points was the lack of fish; second in highlights was the great weather.

I was bummed on Saturday when we switched from fall to winter overnight – about 3 months premature. But then things took a nice upturn when the Gator’s trounced Georgia. If Florida can only win one game a season, that’s the one to win. About the cold snap, I sure miss global warming. We actually put the heat on this morning. The temp in the house was 69 when we woke up. The correct number is 74. I’m complaining but poor Simon chose this weekend to do a long hike in the Great Smoky Mountains. One of his friends posted a picture showing him fairly well snow covered. we put the heat on, earliest ever. I’m also thinking about that Wollinda fellow who is doing a high wire act in Chicago – talk about cold…………… I guess he’s high enough to avoid the waves and splash from Lake Michigan. The good news that comes with the cold weather is that the bugs get beaten back and the speckled perch school up and start biting big time.

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