Fast Internet

Now I know what all the fuss is about global warming – it gives politicians a great thing to agree on. This morning I saw that Obama and the Chinese leader signed a big agreement to do something about global warming. Why not? They’re working together on something, right. I didn’t see Putin jump on board. Perhaps he thinks Russia could use a little warming. The logic for Obama and the Chinese king is easy – they see the polar vortex thing coming and will be able to claim victory over warming before long – that would be before the 2016 elections. They’ll be walking a thin line though since most people would rather be warm than cold. I also think the colder it gets, the tougher it is to hold the party line that it’s warming.

Gardening up a storm. Put in another row of peas, more beets, parsnips and about 100 onions. I even planted a couple rows of leek seed although I expect nothing at all from them. I somehow had the seed so why not plant them. The weather has been perfect and things are starting to accelerate in terms of growth. This vortex thing ran out of gas before it got this far south so we’re still in the 70’s with lows in the 50’s. Having said that, it appears that some really frigid air is heading our way a few days from now. It could dip into the upper 30’s which is approaching the danger zone for the tomatoes and green peppers.

Our internet situation made a big change this week. I’ve been modestly happy with the T-Mobile prepaid system. Occasionally it’s fast, more often it’s slow and every once in a while it’s dead in the water. But it’s always been cheap. This week they doubled the price and to make matters worse, they wouldn’t give me credit for a prepaid refill card at the same rate at which it was purchased. I bought a card that was supposed to last 60 days and they unilaterally cut it to 30 days. I would have thought they’d have honored the pre-purchased cards and then just discontinue them at retail. I had been looking at another Walmart offering, Straight Talk Wireless which is some kind of a collaboration between Walmart and and Tracphone which has the potential to be fast and cheap. I was ready to pull the trigger but was a bit gun shy based on several poor online reviews. Tom came up with another alternative from ATT, a prepaid plan called GoPhone. It promised very fast performance and fairly low price if you limit usage. By limit usage I mean keep it in the same range as we’ve operated for the past 4-5 years. It’s actually a wifi hotspot which brings it’s own advantages, portability, but a big downside too. Because it’s fast enough to view video clips, the temptation exists to blast through the data limits (1.5GB) in a heart beat. Tom messed around with it for about 20 minutes and used about 20% of the total available for 30 days. I can see the potential for disrupting the finely tuned social balance in this house and see myself turning into the bandwidth Nazi. This month will be a transition month where we have both the new ATT time and the T-Mobile time available so if we run over on the ATT, we can adjust next month. The other nice feature of the new system is that we elected for automatic monthly renewals. The T-Mobile system wouldn’t allow that and required manual intervention each time you needed to add time or data.

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