Great Camping Trip

The camping/fishing trip with Tom and Simon was great and turning into a spring break tradition. We left on Monday and returned home Thursday. We were in two vehicles, the Westfalia camper and an SUV towing the boat. Tom and I slept in the camper; Simon set up his tent and sleeping bag alongside. The weather left much to be desired, cold and windy but we toughed through it-caught fish and found several great new places. The campground we base from is Jonathan Dickinson State Park on the loxahatchee River near Jupiter. Because of the wind, fishing there was problematic so we scouted out a new area on the St. Lucie River at Stuart where Tom bagged a snook we estimated at 20 pounds. See the big grin picture. We also found a couple new camp grounds on the St. Lucie, one upstream of the lock and one downstream so we can switch from fresh water to salt water fishing in a couple of minutes. If we repeat next year, chances are we’ll base there instead of JDS.

Now that's a Snook
Now that's a Snook

The first night was interesting when about 2AM Tom woke me and said there were raccoons in the coolers which we had left outside. They got all of our lunch meat and half our dinner material. The silver lining to that was we had to eat outside the park and found a place called Harry and the Natives which turned out to be a great find. Just the right atmosphere for campers down on their luck. An example on the breakfast menu – an Obama omelet priced at $785,000,000,000.

Other highlights since the last posting: Bob had a mild heart attack and ended up needing a triple bypass. All’s well. The operation was a complete success and he should be home in a few days.

The garden survived. Anticipating cold weather, I had covered, double covered some things, and, triple covered the squash. Everything survived just fine and I even picked the first zucchini so my early planting is paying off. The corn all germinated and a few of the purple potatoes are pooching through. The sugar peas are blossoming which means table topping in two weeks. Nancy did a great job of moving the pepper and tomato seedlings in and out of the house depending on weather conditions and those should be ready for transplanting into the garden any day now. So all’s good in the garden.

When Nancy goes away for a week, I’ve observed that very little trash is generated so I chalked it up to her being the source of our trash. But, I was gone this week and again there was no trash generated. So it’s now clear that it takes two of us to generate enough trash weekly to fill the 50 gallon can provided.

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