Spring Break Fishing Trip

In my ideal world, I never have anything scheduled. I wake up in the morning and decide at that time what I’m going to do for the day. Maybe I’ll go over to the beach and do a little surf fishing or grab the poke boat and hit the Tomoka. I don’t decide until I see which way the wind is blowing. Maybe grab a lounge chair, carry it down to the dock and spend the day soaking in the sun reading a good book. It can even involve a day working the garden or chopping a palmetto path through the jungle. Whatever, it’s just that I decide what to do based on what I feel like doing. Unfortunately I’m not living that ad hoc lifestyle and have way too much prescheduled. For example, Sunday through Thursday I’ll be on a fishing/camping trip with Tom and Simon in South Florida. Then when I get home, we go right to Cocoa for a high school reunion. All that is good but it’s the fact that it’s scheduled or pre committed that gives me heartburn. Then Nancy’s surgery is the following Monday. A few days later, I see a doctor appointment on the calendar for me.

What had been a very mild winter is turning into a frigid pre-spring. We have three days/nights in a row with freezing or near freezing temps so that’s giving me some heart burn regarding the garden. I’ve triple covered the squash which seems to be doing just fine and within a week or two of producing edible fruit; I’ve double covered the corn which is fully germinated and poking about 2” out of the ground – it’s most vulnerable point. The purple potatoes I planted earlier this week have yet to break the surface so I think they’ll be just fine. I put a wrap around the sugar snap peas too. I think the plants would handle the cold OK but they’re just now starting to blossom and I think those may be killed if not protected. Insofar as the tomato and pepper seedlings, I’ll just leave them in the house for a few days and hope Nancy remembers to keep them moist and in the sun during the day. I hate it that this is happening at the same time I’ll be in South Florida fishing. I had planned to have them in the ground by now but the weather hasn’t cooperated. The cold is even supposed to extend down to Jupiter where we’ll be camping.

George ended up spending 5 days in the hospital, undergoing several invasive procedures and finally leaving against the advice of his doctor. They found nothing but he looks bad to me. He said all his blood numbers were good so that was enough for him. The nurses were probably glad to see him go.

I’m having another kidney event, just in time for my camping trip. This time I’m trying something new – Aleve and Blueberry Wheat Ale from Trader Joe’s. When the pain started I popped two Aleve’s and a bottle of the Ale. In about 20 minutes, no pain. The only problem I can see is that I’m about an hour and a half from Trader Joe’s and I’m down to my last 6 pack. Wonder if Juengling will work?

We’ve had two days of cold weather and wind, enough to keep me in the house pacing. I know I’m about at my limit so I can’t imagine what it would be like to be back living in a place like Salt Lake. Everything I want to do is outside but I need it to be comfortable. Nancy said I was driving her crazy. Sure she can say that-all the stuff she likes to do is inside. I was OK the first day, reading and listening to the Coffee House on XM but two days is over the top. If it was just cold, I could bundle up and go fishing but the wind shuts down that option. Hopefully this weather won’t follow us to South Florida and impact our fishing there.

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