Patient’s Home

We went to my 55th high school reunion in Rockledge this past weekend. Wow, have those people gotten old. There were about 40 people so a fairly good turnout considering the size of the class. I recognize about half the people and about three quarters of the names. No big surprises except that one of the guys who didn’t attend but sent in biographic info lives in Bountiful Utah, a few blocks from our old house. I have no idea if he’s been there for long or what but I do know he was living in Palm Beach in the early 70’s so he could have been a nearly neighbor for years and we never knew it. The party broke up early and we debated whether we should drive home or stay overnight with Joey. We stayed – I think a good decision considering the number of Florida Lager’s we polished off.

Sunday was prep day for Nancy’s surgery. The prep in this case is the feared and dreaded prep as in colonoscopy prep – although the procedure has nothing at all to do with the GI system. They said it was because the surgery was being done robotically. Still doesn’t make sense to me but I have to trust they know what they’re doing.

Monday was the surgery and the doctor said it went perfectly and that he was certain he had gotten all the suspect area removed in one fell swoop. He emphasized how early in development it was and how lucky we were to have caught it when we did. The plan was for her to come home on Tuesday but that wasn’t to be. She had some bladder issues Monday night which set the program back a full day and it wasn’t until Tuesday that we walked out of the hospital and headed home. She has to be restful for about 2 weeks when her follow-up appointment is set. A little walking but not much else in the way of physical activity.

The only garden development is that the blue/purple potatoes are popping out of the ground nicely. I had cut the 4 sprouted potatoes that Chris brought the end of Feb into 14 chunks that I thought would develop into plants. So far 13 of the 14 have sprouted and I have hopes for a 100% success. The plants look the same as any other white potato variety I’ve grown.

The daily harvest now looks like carrots, beets, onions, lettuce, cabbage, and a cross between broccoli and cauliflower. We’ll be adding brussels, sugar snap peas, and zucchini squash to that next week.

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  1. This is the first time I’ve seen it. Tom upgraded the page to the latest version and took the opportunity to make it more “modern”. I guess the old format was behind the times. I haven’t yet figured out how to do new posts so it may be a while before you see an update.


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