Beach Reports

Wed. Got up this morning and was on the beach casting by 9AM. Perfect fishing; not so much for the catching. I hadn’t bothered to pick up any finger mullet for bait since it wasn’t clear the surf would ever return to normal on this trip so I rectified that after we hit the Java Joint for breakfast. The fishing was awesome. Lost track of the number of blues I caught but used a dozen mullet cut in half so had at 24 hits or misses over 4 hours. Nothing large but I decided to keep one small one to cut up for bait and one ladyfish for the same. That’s the long, skinny one amongst the blues. I kept another 6 blues to smoke and turn into fish dip. Please excuse the shadow in the picture. My hands were slippery and I kept dropping the camera so decided to quit while I was ahead and the camera was still in one piece. Capped off the day with happy hour at JT’s Fish Shack.

Catchin' Blues
Catchin' Blues

Thurs. The ocean is like a pond. No waves, no currents. There are large schools of mullet, the bait fish of choice, cruising north to south less than 50′ offshore. That usually bodes well for fishing. Nancy is off to Palm Coast to the bridge club so I’m totally on my own to beach bum. Got my heart started early on with two quick bluefish. I was using the cut up lady fish for bait and was pleased that the blues seemed to that as well as the mullet yesterday. Never got another strike in the next 4 hours. It was fun on the beach, just enjoying the ospreys and mullet schools, but nothing more on the blue fish. Capped off the day with happy hour at the Golden Lion.

The highlight of the New York problem for me has been watching Mayor Bloomberg give his updates to the press. I’m completely mesmerized by the sign language person standing beside him. She gives a full body, facially expressive sign out like no one I’ve ever seen. If you haven’t seen one of his updates, try to find one. She’s so good that you’re totally tempted to tune him out and try to figure out what she’s saying.

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