A great fishing week

Just a few more fish pics from Friday. It was a good day with some real monsters hooked and lost. I’ve got to come up with a more secure way to attach hooks to wire leader, avoiding snap swivels. I said that last year and then just put it out of my mind until I lost the first fish and hook this year.

The shark is about 3′ long and a variety I’ve not caught before. Not sure what kind it is but it has a thresher style tail and the slick skin and look of a Mako. Then the blue. Caught maybe half a dozen. The whiting is medium size and would be a keeper if I didn’t already have my freezer load of blues. I only kept one small whiting to use as bait if needed Saturday, the rest are out there swimming their little hearts out. Caught the whiting on sand fleas and the rest on cut pieces of the ladyfish from Wednesday.

Small Shark
Small Shark
Small Bluefish
Small Bluefish
Small Whiting
Small Whiting

This year marks the return of the sand fleas. They had disappeared from the scene a couple years back but have returned big time. In the past I used to catch them by digging in the sand as the waves receded but now they seem to be hanging out right at the edge of the trough so they’re easy to get at low tide. Nice to have them back as a source of bait.

Tom came up Friday night, just in time for Happy Hour at JT’s. We’re going to get an early breakfast and then close the week out with a few hours of AM fishing. I sure hope the good fishing holds up for him.

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