Chris is ok

This was a great weekend. Tommy came up with us on Saturday and stayed overnight. Joey came up Sunday morning so we had welcome company to start us off. Last night we hit a spot reputed to be the best burgers on the beach. We had eaten there before but never had the burgers – I think because they were priced over my burger threshold and there were more appealing sounding seafood items on the menu. I have to admit, the burgers lived up to their reputation.

Monday morning: still windy and getting cold. I’ve been predicting Tuesday for the first fishable day and I’m starting to hedge that until Wednesday. It’s great beach walking since the storm has brought all manner of flotsam onshore. Rather have bluefish.

Tuesday morning, still windy and way cold. The wind did shift from the North to the Northwest so that is calming things down. There are actually shrimp boats trawling just offshore and they’re not rockin’ and rollin’. Now if it will warm about 30 degrees, I’ll be a happy camper. Just to say I did and on the off chance it might work, I did pitch a spoon in the surf for about 20 minutes. No fish but I did get that twinge in my gut. Nancy is in Palm Coast playing bridge so she’s too a happy camper.

We talked to Chris last night and everything was just fine at 9PM. He still had power and landline phone. All that changed about 9:30 when he lost both. I think his store is in that area of Manhattan with no power and no access so no telling when that part of his life will return to normal. We checked on other important folks -Marie and the kids on Staten Island and Eric Bachmann in NW Jersey. All were without power but other than that, doing fine. Seeing all the devastation on the beaches in Jersey is really tough for me. My grandparents lived in Atlantic City and I spent so much time there as a young beach rat that this has a personal feel to me. When you see the pictures from Point Pleasant – that’s very close to where cousins Fred and Martha take their summer vacation. They stay in Lavalette a block or so from the beach and I can just tell their place would have seen some water. It’s only a few hundred yards from the surf to the back bay so it’s quite possible, if not likely, that the storm surge brought the two together. Ditto Tom’s River where Betty Tighe calls home.

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