Pole Bean Progress

Right now, the lake is at the level we’d like to see coming out of the dry season, not going into the dry season. I’m hoping we see an unusually wet fall and winter to get it up another foot or so before the nursery winter draw downs happen.

Planted the last batch of pole bean seeds and the last zucchini bush seeds on the first of October. That’s the third and last planting of each. That’s been the plan and it seems to be working out well. The first batch of beans was planted a month ago and those are now reaching 10′ tall, hopefully getting ready to pop out some blossoms. The seeds just planted should be producing in December and is my hedge against a warm winter or a later than normal killing frost. The pic shows the generational situation. Obviously the tall ones are the oldest; the shorter bushes to the left are two weeks behind; and you’ll have to believe me that seeds are planted under the left most poles.

3 Generations of Pole Beans
3 Generations of Pole Beans

At this point, the fall portion of the crops are 100% on the way and will give way to winter plants from here on out. The fall crops represent about a third of the available space in the garden. I have 50+ plants in starter pots that will start making it to the garden this week. I’m hardening them now by sitting them in the sun and cutting back on their water. If they are simply transplanted from the moist, shady environment they’ve lived in so far, the shock will take a heavy toll. By the end of October the winter plants should bring the garden up to the three quarter point in terms of space utilization. At that point I plant the root crops, beets, carrots, onions and radishes, to finish it off. As the fall stuff finishes up, that’s replaced with hard winter plants such as spinach and other regular cool weather plants on a space available basis.

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