New Neighbors

Nancy got off for her Salt Lake trip bright and early – a 5AM wake up for us. I don’t have any big projects set up for this trip so it will be just business as usual. On the way over to the airport, I ran over something large and white which woke both of us up, big time. It was either a really large, white dog or a goat or perhaps a deer – already dead. It was dark and foggy so I just didn’t have any time to react and would have had to swerve severely to miss it. I tried to get a look at it on the way back but at highway speed I couldn’t get a good look. It was definitely some kind of animal and fairly good size – maybe calf size but my best guess is large dog. Coincidentally, on the way home, the air conditioning quit working. I got under the car to see if there was any obvious damage and saw nothing suspicious. In fact, the underside of the car is well protected by the chassis so I think the only possible damage to the car might be alignment but I don’t notice anything different there.

Got an interesting thing going on with the T-Mobile cellular internet connection. From the get go, I’ve had four or five bar signal level at what they call “Edge” speed. “Edge” speed is the slowest, well under 3G or 4G but for us out here in the woods, it was adequate and far faster than dial-up. Two nights ago, the five bar Edge was replaced with one bar 4G. Sometimes it works at high speeds and sometimes the signal is just too weak to be worth having. I learned that the modem works at all the speeds available but defaults to 4G if it can, regardless of a superior, albeit slower, signal. It’s built into the modem so I don’t have the ability to choose which signal to lock on to or reject. I called T-Mobile and they said that they were very surprised I could get 4G at all based on tower locations and they were also surprised that I was happy with the Edge signal. The issue that surfaced was, according to them, I should be getting a strong 3G signal. We’re 2 miles from the cell tower which is pumping out both the Edge signal and a 3G signal. Based on that, they assumed that something was wrong with the tower 3G equipment and they opened a work order to have an engineer go out to the tower and see what’s happening there. So maybe next week, I’ll be a full fledged 3G guy.

My chicken coop neighbor announced a crop of new chicks – the first ones. I went up and checked out the five new arrivals. I guess the plan is to raise chicks, not eggs.

We’re getting a new neighbor. May is staying with her daughter now after she spends the next couple of months in rehab following a fall induced hip operation. Her daughter Pat stopped by the other day to let us know what’s going on and said they were renting out the trailer starting in January to an older couple living currently in Kentucky. Apparently the guy had an accident in a racing car and is also recovering from some severe injuries to his arms and upper body. I’m guessing they won’t be bringing a jet ski to the lake. Other than the hip, Pat said May was in excellent health and the doctors were optimistic about her recovery prospects – even at 91.

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