Citrus Mystery

On Monday I went to the post office as usual, nothing unusual. On Tuesday I got there and realized that the key to the box was not in the console of the car as usual. Apparently I had somehow not returned it to the designated spot. The post mistress recognized me and gave me my mail after I explained that I had lost the key. She said no one had turned any in so I was fairly sure I had just left them in my pants pocket. Nope. I tore the house up and double checked the car. No key. We do have a spare so my plan was to get a duplicate made at the local ACE hardware. I decided to go by the Post Office first to pick up the mail and check once again if it had turned up. Sure enough, twenty minutes before I got there, a woman brought them in. I asked if she said where she found them and learned that they turned up between the seats in her truck. How bizarre is that. My guess is that I left them sitting on a sorting table and the next customer used the same table and just swept them up along with her own mail. Turns out that you can’t dupe the key anyway so good that it turned up.

Got a call from little Tommy and he’s experiencing his first North Dakota snowstorm. They’re expecting 6-12” which is not exactly a light dusting. I keep close track of his weather and saw it coming but was pleased that he called to give me a first person report. He’s coming home for Thanksgiving and his birthday so by then he will have experienced the real thing. Can’t wait to talk to him then. He’s a journalist and the elections will be over by then so we should have some great discussions.

We’re having an unusual citrus year. Between us and George, we have multiple varieties of oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, satsumas,and limes. In each case, the fruit is maturing 2 months ahead of schedule and is much smaller than normal. I noticed it first on the white grapefruit since it’s closest to the house and was concerned that maybe the tree had the grunge or something. Now I’m suspecting it goes back to the warm winter we had last year. My guess is that it’s not going to be as sweet as usual since, according to the experts, it takes a cold snap to sweeten the fruit and we’re months away from a cold snap.

I find it hard to believe that the presidential debates mean anything at all. It’s inconceivable to me that people who haven’t already decided are the kind of people that watch debates. I could understand it better if both candidates were new but with an incumbent, you have 4 years of history on which to make your judgement-either you’re happy with the past 4 years or you’re not. Personally I don’t think the incumbent should be allowed to campaign. He has an important job and we learn every day if he’s doing it well. One way or another he’s on TV every day so over the 4 year span, there’s plenty of exposure and surely anyone who is remotely interested, doesn’t need to hear campaign ads or debates. We know where his head and policies are so let’s just hear from the challenger.

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