3 Machine Quilter

The generator comes to the rescue again. We had storms later yesterday afternoon but by 5PM, all seemed fine. At 6:30, the power went out. The power company said it would be restored by 9pm – that normally means absolutely nothing – so while it was still light out, I pulled out the generator and cranked it up. Twenty minutes later, the power company restored power. When they gave us the 9 pm estimate, they forgot we had the generator so they faked us out this time by restoring it sooner than promised. They’re probably thinking next time I won’t rush out and replace them – wrong, I’m up to their trickery.

Rabbit fence takes shape
Rabbit fence takes shape

We’re not quite to the halfway point on the rabbit fence. George and I put in about 3 hours a day – by then we’re totally worn out and it’s just too hot and drippy to do any more. Notice the concrete cylinders along the bottom edge – those guys are each about 30 pounds so it’s a workout pulling them up, relocating them- the vertical ones removed and placed horizontally between the posts and then lined up perfectly. George is a stickler about things being lined up and level. Notice that they fit exactly right between the fence posts. To do that, we actually cut a cylinder to the exact dimension necessary for a tight fit. The next step is to hang nursery cloth along the inside of the fence to hold back the soil at the planting row ends. We’ll do that along the side shown in the picture and across the back tomorrow and also put cylinders between the posts along the opposite side. We might also string the wire fencing along that same side, getting us to the 3/4 point by the weekend. That may be optomistic but we’ve got the procedure down pretty well now and should be able to make more progress than we have for the past two days – got the kinks worked out. Over the weekend I’ll start working inside the garden to layout new rows and adjust the soil levels to match the new fence. Notice in the picture that the fence line is out a bit from the garden. That’s only on that one side and shows the added garden space that results from squaring it up. If all goes well and the weather holds, the next picture I add should show this all filled in and ready for fall planting. I have a pretty good load of compost ready for fill. We’ll do the front/road side and fabricate 3 gates next week. For calibration, I’m down 2#’s which is right on target.

Nancy is in full quilt mode with 3 machines in place and running. She breaks out the Viking to machine quilt the Shands quilts. The new quilt cabinets really make a difference.

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