The garden fence is really starting to take shape. As of today, we have all the posts in and wire on one side. When George builds anything, he measures, levels and does all those things that mean it will end up looking professional and being super sturdy. That contrasts to my natural leanings to get something up that just barely does the job and looks like the it’s been in place for a hundred hard years. The only advantage to my technique is that when it comes to pulling it down, it’s much easier to do. I hope the rabbits appreciate just how much trouble we’re going to on their behalf.

We had an inch and a half of rain yesterday and the lake rose, accordingly, an inch and a half. It’s now up to the lower edge of the second rung (from the bottom) on the ladder. The long range weather radar is starting to show some action way out in the Atlantic so maybe the storms will start brewing. The forecasters start the season in May or something but I (officially) start it August 15. So far there’s been nothing even approaching a real storm but the namers are already up to “E”. What we need are about 3 storms on the order of the one they called Debbie. That one dumped as much as 20” in parts of north Florida with essentially no wind at all. In my mind that was a monsoon or at least what my understanding of a monsoon is.

Made an interesting purchase the other day as a direct result of my trip to the dentist. For a few years the dentist and his assistants have been pushing a water pick device that I have routinely resisted. They don’t actually sell it but promote how well it works to eliminate plaque buildup and the bag of tooth brushes and other goodies that you leave with includes a copy of a ad sheet. What’s different about this device is that it’s water powered and hooks up to the shower head so you can conveniently use it as part of showering. The reason I haven’t bought one in the past is that I’m always leary of anything involving messing around with the plumbing but this aging dental assistant told me that she installed hers in just a few minutes. They refer to the device as “mama gums plaque blaster” and swear they get nothing from pushing it but patients with nicer teeth. I called mama herself and she sealed the sale. It’s a one woman operation in San Diego and we chatted mostly about how much San Diego had changed since we lived there. Based on that, I went to the web site – http://www.mamagums.com and pulled the trigger, $35 including shipping.

The installation was as simple as advertised – just remove the shower head, screw the blaster on/off valve in line and then reattach the shower head. It works off water pressure, no pump, and is a simple wand and suction cup wand holder. It doesn’t have the pulsing action of a regular water pik and is going to take some getting used to so I’m not ready to put it on the “must have” list. With the valve barely open, it puts out a fairly high pressure stream – you definitely feel it. Think 2500 psi pressure cleaner. I can see someone opening the valve completely and blowing away the side of his head or blasting teeth out of his mouth. If it slips out of your hand, it’s a classic high pressure water hose on a flexible tubing – whipping around the shower uncontrollably.

I was sure surprised to learn that the Korean women won the 30 meter air rifle event at the Olympics.

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