Mostly about the fence

Got the nursery cloth up on one side of the garden and started the process of layering in organic material in the newly created garden area. Nursery/shade cloth is a woven polyester like material that is virtually indestructible. We’re stringing it along the bottom edge of the fence up 18” where it’s job is to hold back the topsoil in the garden which would otherwise erode. One picture shows the roll of nursery cloth stretched out on the lawn the other shows it installed on one side. The roll of cloth measures 120‘x10′ and has been living at George’s for about 25 years just waiting for this opportunity. This job will take less than half of it.
The space between the existing garden soil and the fence line will become new garden area. It’s only a few inches except on the one side shown in the pictures. I start with a nematode barrier – that would be a layer or two of newspaper and a layer or two of palmetto fronds. That separates the base soil level from the 12-18” of composted growing material. On top of that, a thickish layer of miscellaneous yard clippings – right now that means camphor and bay tree leaves and branches. I use those because lots of insects have an issue with camphor and I theorize that using those leaves would be better than just any old leaf. On top of that goes rough compost, material that is about half composted, in this case lots of corn stalks that were cut down about a month ago. Finally a 4-6” layer of finished compost. I’ll be able to plant this new area by October. The picture shows one area that’s ready for the first layer of compost.
Ate one of this year’s sweet potatoes and it was mmmmmmmm good. With sweets, you are supposed to dig them up and let them dry out for 10 days to 2 weeks before cleaning up and eating. These are right at 12 days and tasted good so I suspect we did it correctly.

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