Chip off the old tooth

Went to the doc this AM for a routine annual checkup. The only excitement was on the trip there. Between home and DeLeon Springs I spotted the blinking blue lights of a patrol car up ahead and dutifully slowed down. As we approached it was clear there had been an accident and the car involved was seriously banged up with front end damage but there was no sign of another vehicle or tree or anything that could have caused the damage. A couple hundred yards further up the road I could see more blue lights flashing so I assumed that was the other vehicle – although it seemed pretty far from the first car. When we got there we saw that it wasn’t another car but a dead bear. That marks the second car-bear happening I’ve seen on that stretch in the past year. You just know the bear wasn’t insured. It was probably too far from our house to be the marauder who goes after our trash cans.

Got the first 5 posts installed for the new garden fence. The first line of fence required digging up a 35′ x 2′ strip of grass so the job was more difficult than just digging the post holes – all in all, 2 hours of labor. Doesn’t sound like much when you say it that way but it’s super hot, super humid so two hours is all you want. I’m staying with my 5 pound estimate.

About 6 months back I broke a chip off a molar. It was bothersome for a few weeks but gradually I got used to it. I went to the dentist today and the advice was that I should have it capped with a crown. I said it wasn’t bothering me but he assured me that it would eventually just break all the way and then it would be a much bigger problem. From kidney stones to teeth – I just can’t catch a break here. Since this doc is the best dentist I can ever remember having, I guess I have to go with his judgement.

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