Picking potatoes soon

According to my garden charts, the sweet potatoes should be just about ready. It’s a 120 day crop which I planted March 27th. The plants give you no indication – white potatoes’ foliage dies off when the tubers are ready- so you just have to dig in. And that’s the plan for today. These are the same plants that were stripped of foliage by rabbits back in May so there is some question in my mind as to the quality of the crop.

Saw an item on the news about the nationwide drought conditions and how it’s impacting the corn crop and how that, in turn, impacts all food prices. I have a solution – let’s quit drilling for oil and use a third of the corn crop to burn in our cars. Mixing ethanol/corn into gasoline is and alway has been, a stupid idea. It’s bad for engines, reduces mileage, and runs up the price of corn. I’ve even read that growing and processing the corn uses more energy than it provides. Bad for everybody but the farmers – and the politicians. I also learned that they use soybeans to make diesel fuel. I hadn’t heard that before. I’m just fine with growing the feedstock for fuel but would think by now that something more suitable for the fuel and less intrusive on the food supply would have emerged.

Saw another article on the same show about great white shark attacks in Australia and off the coast of the California and Cape Cod. The reporter said that no one has any idea why these attacks are on the increase – I do. Sharks are a protected population now, so guess what – lots more of them. Ditto bears, wolves, alligators. Same crowd that wants to use corn for fuel, is ok with sharks and gators. Of course most of them live in places like NYC where they neither fill gas tanks or interface directly with the great outdoors. I think we should make rats a protected species.

Still having trouble getting sympathetic about all the forest fires out west. The Forest Service or whoever makes such calls, decided years ago not to log the dead pines which were being killed by Pine Beetles. Guess what eventually happens to square miles of dead trees? Seems like maybe using these dead trees to fuel a power plant would be a good idea.

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