Jalapenos coming too

Pulled out the sweet potatoes. This batch was much nicer looking than last year’s. I had planted a 10′ row and it yielded something like 20-25lbs. That tells me for sure that the rabbits didn’t impact the growth of the tubers when they cleaned off all the foliage 3 months ago. It grew back profusely under the insect tenting. The instructions are to clean the dirt off and keep them dry for 1-2 weeks before eating. During that time I think the tubers are converting starches to sugars or something like that. Digging them is really a messy job and can only be done by hand. If you try poking any kind of shovel or fork into the soil, you run the risk of stabbing a potato. The tubers spread out and down in the soil so you really have to be thorough in sifting through to locate tubers. I’m virtually covered in dirt – wet dirt since I’m dripping with perspiration through the entire process. The nice thing is that the soil is basically 100% organic material so it’s very soft and easy to dig around with bare hands. I do have another row of sweets that should be ready for harvest in later October- mid November.
While I was at it, picked another load of eggplant. No doubt this is my most dependable crop. We’re going to a party at Tom’s and will distribute them to whoever wants them – but mostly to our niece Joanne. Also a handful or two of jalapenos for Tom. Tina makes lots of salsa so these will be used properly in that household.

George and I started the garden rabbit fence project by taking down a section of old fencing to recover the posts and wire. So far, that part of the job is much harder than anticipated because the fence is totally overgrown with briars and other vines and of course it’s very hot and very buggy. My guess is this will take us a full week, half taking down the old fence, half putting up the new one and I think it will be a 5 pound job. That means I will lose about 5 pounds in sweat by the time the project is completed. And I mean that literally. I staked it out and will take this opportunity to square the garden up a little. My rough calculation is that I’ll be adding about 50SF of useable space to the garden – not that I need it – just a product of the squaring process.

This should be a very telling election. I personally don’t care for either candidate but one thing for sure, this is a contest between Socialism and Capitalism. Very reminescent of the Carter-Reagan election. That worked out just fine but I’m not sure this time. I wasn’t all that enamoured with Reagan because of his California connection – much the same as I feel about Romney and Massachusetts. I was wrong then and hope I am now. In my mind, voting for the question mark is better than the socialist.

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