Work, work, work

Joey and Mark came over yesterday on a mission of mercy. I had a dead bay tree hanging over the dock and I really wanted to get it out before the hurricane season heats up. I handle most of the smaller trees myself but this one required climbing up on the roof and me on a roof with a chain saw is a bad combination. And as long as they were here, Nancy wanted a new, taller toilet and had a few spots that could use caulking. So between the three of us we spent about 5 hours working outside and in. I usually putz around the property for a few hours each day, clipping and trimming and got that in before they came over, so by the time we were finished, I was pooped. Things like that are tougher this year because of the mosquitoes. It forces me to wear winter clothes in the middle of summer.

I had mentioned that my USB Broadband, internet, modem had crashed so I ordered a new one directly from Virgin Mobile. I bought the original one two years ago from WalMart. The principle reason for choosing the Virgin Mobile plan was we could get 30days/1 gb/ $20 no contract. Perfect for us. So when I put the new modem on I signed up for the same plan – tried to sign up for the same plan. Turns out that is a Walmart special and only applies if you buy the modem from Walmart. That tweaked me big time since the next alternative plan was 30/3gb/$35. We never use the 1GB so why do I want to buy 3? Nancy calmly, I wasn’t in a calmly mood, called several Walmarts until she found one in Ormond that still had the old model modem. I decided to sleep on it and start fresh in the morning, expecting to have to do battle again. No problem at all. The new one worked like a champ, old plan popped right up, and the icing on the cake was that Virgin threw in a free month for my troubles.

Nancy tried a new recipe – rollatini. It’s an eggplant recipe and with our long position, she’s always on the lookout for something new so when the cook on the Chew mentioned the word eggplant, she was all over it. In this recipe, the eggplants are sliced lengthwise then fried/sauteed in olive oil – no breading. This makes the slices soft and pliable. Then on to each slice you add dollop of ricotta cheese mixed with an egg and some herbs. Roll up the stuffed eggplant, kind of like a cannoli or a manicotti without the pasta. You place these rolllups into a casserole dish and overtop with spaghetti sauce – something else we’re loaded with. Pop into the oven and oila, rollatini. So, except for the cheese, this is a meal we handle 100% out of the garden. What’s funny is that the first year I grew eggplant, it was mostly to dress up the garden and we had trouble even giving it away. Now, both the Souza’s and us are gobbling it up and the waiting list from friends and family is fairly large. The good news is that new plants keep popping up from reseeding, they handle the heat and humidity just fine, and the rabbits and bugs don’t like them. What would be the frosting on the cake would be to find out that eggplant is a source of kidney stones!!

And as usual, after making the rollatini, there was ricotta left over and sauce left over. Not to worry, break out a box of ziti and twenty minutes later, baked ziti ready for the oven. Actually it goes into the fridge, and becomes a meal later this week. We sure eat well!!!

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