Too Much Compost?

Finally decided to get back in the poke boat and check out the reduced lake. I tried a few times after the surgery in October but it was just too uncomfortable and also it’s a real problem if an urge to pee comes on quickly. The latter problem seemed to have disappeared, as if by magic, at the start of this month so I decided to get on with it. No problem at all. I paddled around for a couple of hours learning exactly what this reduced water level lake presents then hopped out with no discomfort at all. So I’m going to be back fishing starting tomorrow bright and early. Found plenty of places with more than 4′ of water and good cover for the bass so I’m back in business. This is all good timing since the garden is about 95% planted and the picking won’t start for a couple of weeks; the mucking is or could be done so I have plenty of time to stalk bass.

All of the elements of the three sister planting are in and popping out. The corn is about a foot tall, the squash has germinated and put the first set of true leaves and the pole beans are just breaking out. I sure hope this all works out as planned. It’s hard to remember details from season to season but this corn looks much darker green and healthy than the last batch – as I recall. Also got the okra planted where the collard greens were.

I’ve often said you can’t have too much compost. I may have to retract that. I have one pile, a couple of cubic yards, that’s ready to go in the garden but there really isn’t any space needing it. On top of that the second pile, another few cubic yards, is only 6 weeks away from being useable. The lake bottom muck is making all the difference since I not only use it directly in the garden but layer it into the compost piles. These last two piles have needed no shredded palmetto fronds at all which makes a big difference in the speed of decomposition. Aside from the muck, we’ve had a banner crop of oak leaves and the winter crops produced a phenomenal amount of green material so that the resulting compost is maturing faster and is a softer, blacker mix. Good soil has been the limiting factor all along in expanding the useable production space but at this point we are full out in space – I would guess nearly doubling what we were able to use in good fashion 2 years ago. If I wanted I could add another couple hundred square feet “easily” but do I really, really need anything bigger. I don’t think so.

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