Canoe gets it done

I’m taking full advantage of the ever shrinking lake and the ever expanding beach line. Aside from the rich muck, I’m able to trim back some shoreline dead wood and overhangs that have kept me from casting at some prime bass spots. I did a job today that I never thought I’d be able to get to. When we first moved in, the lake was low – not as low as now, but low – and we dropped some concrete cylinders on the shore underneath where the dock is now. At the time those cylinders supported a piece of plywood so we could work out a bit farther in the water. Not sure why we needed to do that but we did. Now those 25 cylinders are sitting high and dry and doing absolutely nothing. That was yesterday. Today they’ve been stacked into a stairway so that I can get down from the dock onto the beach without risking life and limb. Even better, when I’m down on the beach or under the dock, I can climb back onto the dock without crashing or looking like a spaz.

Tom and I went fishing on the Tomoka mainly to try out and newly renovated canoe. We’ve had this canoe in the family since the 80’s but it really looks good. It’s a square stern, outboard ready boat so the 5HP Nissan that came with the fold boat is a perfect match. The trailer needed a little work to convert it from john boat ready to canoe ready, to install new tires, and get the lights working but it all worked out really well. It did have a leak from years ago where I dragged it over some rough surface and the patch fell out again but Tom seems to have repaired that as well. We definitely intended to fish but the real objective was a shake down cruise on the boat and trailer. Good thing because the fishing was less than optimal and there were a few tweaks necessary to the trailer. The motor pushes the boat along nicely – 10mph per an app on Tom’s phone – and it launched and retrieved easily off and on the trailer. Tom will be able to deal with it himself nicely. We didn’t bring the electric trolling motor but figured out a way to make it work as a side mount for a future trip. As we thought, fishing from the canoe was a much more comfortable operation than using the fold boat and it was nice not to have the 20 minutes overhead on each end of a trip to assemble and dissemble the fold boat.

Got lots going on in the next couple of months. More than I can normally deal with in terms of having a full calendar. We go to the beach for a week starting the 21st; host a big family party to welcome the Spelman’s to Florida after the beach; go to Dallas then Missouri for Tommy’s graduation in early May; then Nancy goes to Salt Lake City near the end of May. And it sounds like somewhere in all that mix, there’s a growing possibility that my neighbor and good friend George will be going into the hospital for a heart valve replacement.

My preferred mode of operation is to have a completely clean slate so if I pick up the paper and it says the blues are running, I’m at the beach casting into the surf an hour later. That makes for an interesting life here since Nancy is exactly, and I mean exactly, the opposite. She keeps notes on a big calendar as to what’s happening in the future and works at making sure there are no blank spots for the next couple of months. And she fakes me out by making a simple notation regarding a doctor’s appointments hide a whole series of tied in events. If the doc is in Daytona, as long as we’re there…………………. So what looks like a one or two hour commitment is really a whole day of activities and at least one meal out and one quick stop at Joanne Fabric, Hobby Lobby and/or Walgreen’s. Those establishments are strategically located so we can virtually go nowhere without passing one and using a coupon that’s a real deal.

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