Great Easter

The Easter dinner came off just fine. The ham was perfect, salads great and all with wonderful company – I think we ended up with 14 of us. The weather couldn’t have been nicer. Nancy even talked Mark into changing the faucet on the kitchen sink and installing a new gasket on the dishwasher door.
I think we finally have a handle on the rat problem. No poison eaten in 4 days and, according to the guy at ACE, that’s the only way you really know you’ve gotten them. George actually found a (recently) dead one in his garage. The interesting thing about that was that it had built a nest under a bench and the blue-green pellets were being stored in the nest along with a pile of acorns. So that could explain why we went through so much poison – they were storing it away and not eating it.

I’m starting to think I overdid it on tomatoes this year. None of the 15 or 16 plants cratered and in fact, all are thriving beyond any season to date. It does seem, so far, that my time spacing is working out too. I have bushes with green tomatoes and blossoms, bushes with blossoms only, and bushes too young for blossoms but growing beautifully. It also looks like all the kinks are worked out of the old fire pit side garden. I have 6 tomato plants growing there and the bushes are excellent and full of blossoms and green tomatoes – two are actually taller than me. Last year I think two tomato plants actually produced anything in that spot and even those plants looked pretty shabby at that. That’s one reason why I think maybe I overdid it – I had planned on not too much from the fire pit.

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