You might, incorrectly, guess that the biggest change around here when Nancy leaves is the quality of the food. You’d be wrong because she diligently focuses on having plenty of meals in reserve for when she’s away. Trust me, I’ll eat as much as I can and there will still be plenty left when she gets back. No, the biggest change is that I can walk in and around the house with no complaints about what my shoes may be dropping on the floor. In some homes you hear that money or kid problems are the biggest source of problems between a husband and wife. Here it’s a floor thing. Nancy is able to spot some debris on the floor and instantly peg it to my shoes. I guess her shoes have been coated with something that keeps yard stuff from adhering to them. If we ever have to build another house, I’m standing my ground for dirt floors. No tile, no hardwood, and for sure, no carpeting.

Idol has officially gone off the tracks. The last of the “winners” was eliminated last night. The remaining three are talented and attractive but nothing special. Would love to see the demographics on the voters to see just what kind of weird pattern emerges. I’m guessing it’s heavily biased towards tiny boppers from the south.

Bad start to the morning. Went out to get the paper and found that something had gotten into the garbage and spread it around the driveway. My trash container is one of those extra large, automated pick-up kinds so nothing small is going to knock it over. I immediately think of bears and I guess that’s possible. My neighbor, May, has a porch on her mobile home where she has several large potted plants. They were knocked off the porch. One bit of luck was that I had cleaned the grill and had a can of drippings plus about 3 months worth of grill scrapings inside a zip lock bag. That was still in the container and not on the driveway. That would have been a real mess to deal with.

The feared and dreaded yellow flies made their first appearances yesterday. They are up at George’s but will be over here in a few days. For some reason, they’re always worse at his place. I ordered a couple tubs of Tanglefoot to make the sticky black ball fly traps that work so well and have a few tricks up my sleeve to make them more effective this year. Unless the lake comes up a few feet, they won’t be much of an issue this year because no one will be hanging out at the lake.

Kudos to the back door handle on the Toyota. It works so well that it should be patented before somebody from Toyota steals the design. True it looks a little weird but once you operate it, you wonder why the car companies didn’t think about it years ago. If it wasn’t so hard to get the doors apart and back together again, I might consider doing all the handles that same way.

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