Garden pic’s

Thought it was time for a few garden pic’s to give some visuals to the words that say it’s doing so well. It’s hard to get it all into one pic to scope the overall garden so I selected a few representative shots. In case you’re wondering, the marigolds are a variety named Inca. One thing that should come across well is that we’re producing far more than one family can handle from a table standpoint.

Also threw in a picture of the compost pile. That’s the secret to the health and productivity of the current crop – the starting point for it all and the final resting place for everything that doesn’t end up on the table. To give you a calibration point, I estimate that pile is 4-5 cubic yards and in a year, six loads of that size make their way from the pile back into the garden. So you can’t equate this level of composting with carrying your table waste and coffee grounds in a little bucket out to a pile in the back yard. I estimate that 2/3 of the pile originates with yard clippings, predominately palmetto fronds; the balance from miscellaneous weeds and residual from the vegetable harvesting. For example, there are roughly 100 corn plants from which we’ll get 150+ ears of corn – if it all goes according to plant. It’s 100% for sure that the compost pile will get 100 corn stalks run through the shredder and however many corn cobs as makes it to our kitchen.

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