Car problem

Right after I dropped Nancy off at the airport, tragedy struck. I had driven straight from the airport to Lowes but when I went to open the car door, the handle assembly broke and a spring came flying out. Plastic will only last so long I guess. On a regular American car, this would not be a big deal but I’m dealing with one of these foreign models which means the regular people screw drivers don’t work and the replacement parts are close to the cost of a new car. What I do think is possible is that the back door handle assembly is the same as the front door assembly. Who needs an indoor handle on a back door? My mechanic neighbor will jump all over this. It could be years before Nancy ever notices that there’s no handle on the back door; maybe never.

The other thing that happened coincident with Nancy hitting the road is that one of her showiest orchards bloomed and Barbara’s staghorn fern did also. With respect to the fern, I had no idea they even bloomed. She said she has only known them to bloom at night and by the next day the bloom has fallen off. So this is a rare event to catch. And I don’t ever remember this particular orchid blooming. I think it’s one she got when it wasn’t blooming so we never knew what it would look like.

Follow-up – The door is fixed. The back door solution came out better than I had expected when George came up with an idea to make a wire hook to open the back door. It has an agricultural look to it but is functional. It took us a couple of hours and we broke a couple more plastic parts as the task progressed but in the end, all things considered, I’m happy with it. Also in the follow up dept, turns out the bloom coming out of the staghorn was not really part of the staghorn. George said that they had mixed in a piece of Jerusalem cactus – personally I think it’s a night blooming cereus – and that’s what was blooming.

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