Dock project finished

Got the wave boards in yesterday. Actually Mark got the boards in. We started out by laying down a piece of plywood for a floor over the mushy bottom and from that point, it was a piece of cake – for me. Mark got down under the dock and did the work while I stayed on the topside and handed down the tools and material as necessary. The impressive part was that I had all the tools and materials in place down at the dock so it went like a finely oiled machine. I have no idea if this all will protect the shoreline but I certainly feel better about it. Mark got back on the dock without the first splatter of mud whereas my foray under to nail up one board ended with me looking like a mud wrestler who had lost the battle.

A final follow-up on the potatoes. At least I hope this is the final until we harvest. I cut back all the dead foliage and there appears to be new growth consistently across the patch. I can’t tell if the harvest will be reduced because of the frost damage but the estimated crop size would have resulted in far more than we could have dealt with anyway so perhaps the frost will have brought it down to something in keeping with our needs. Only time will tell. The pic has nothing to do with potatoes, just today’s harvest of beets and radishes.

I was reading up on Sweet potatoes in anticipation of receiving plants at the end of the month and learned something. Apparently the potato plants are vining and if I cut off pieces of the vine and get them rooted, I can extend the harvest with those new plants. The minimum order was 12 plants which should provide way more than we can deal with so why I would want to extend the harvest is beyond me but guess what- I will no doubt try it.

My theory on the Virgin Mobile unlimited use offer has proven true. Several months back they dropped the $30/ month, bounded usage plan we were on in favor of an unlimited plan for $40/month. We were on this plan for a couple of months which I believe was a plan to hook people into going totally wild and then lowering the boom. Luckily a reasonably priced plan popped up with 1GB that seemed to fit our needs. Sure enough, this month the unlimited plan was raised to $50. My 1GB, $20 plan is still in place so I’m ok but don’t expect this to last forever. We always end up using about 60% of the available bandwidth so I’m hoping we don’t get forced into buying something way more than we need.

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