A little news

I love shorts and tee shirt weather, especially in February.

A little news. Little Tommy got an internship with a magazine publisher in Los Angeles for 10 weeks this summer. I guess these internships are hard to come by so he must have something going on good in his resume. It’s very hard for me to believe that the same kidling who went along on the maiden voyage of the poke boat 15 or so years ago as first mate is finishing his Junior year at college. The magazine is called “Good”, which seems a little pretentious, but I checked it out online and was impressed with the quality of the writing. I remember being quite apprehensive when Chris did a semester in Europe so I can imagine how Tom and Tina must have really mixed emotions about the whole thing – LA is a really big place and sooooooo far from Lake Mary.

Got a call the other day from an old San Antonio buddy who was going to be in Florida for a few days and wanted to get together for lunch. I hadn’t seen either he or another friend from the same era in maybe 30 years. We’ve had an extra heavy load of losing friends since the start of this year so it was nice to hook with friends who seemed to be wearing well. Other than some white on top, could have rolled the clock back 30 years and not missed a beat.

Nancy came home the other day and said that there was something not right about the lights in the Toyota. Turned out that the front, left turn signal lamp wasn’t working. I took a look to see how easy/hard it would be to change the bulb and saw right away that it wasn’t something I wanted to mess with. Her solution is to go to Auto Zone and get a replacement bulb and ask the guy there how to change it. If she did that, good chance the guy would just do it. If I ask, he’ll give me that stupid look and sell me the bulb. My solution is to only make right turns. The rear signal works just fine so I’m convinced that with careful planning, I can avoid turns where the left front light would be an issue. If that doesn’t work, I can break out the pickup and take the cover off the Mercury. Problem? what problem.

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