Switching to Bass

I’m starting to think winter is over. It’s been awesome for the past two weeks and we are more than halfway through February. Even the water skiers are back at it – the real reason I have to add the wave boards to protect the shore from erosion. I now have 4 tomato plants and 2 pepper plants in the main garden. Only two of those are protected by walls of water but I have enough to do the rest if it proves necessary. I’ll hold off at least another two weeks to add more unprotected plants. Just in case you are not familiar with the wall of water concept, check out the picture. The water is contained in cavities in a closed circular plastic piece. The water heats based on daytime sun and temps with that heat released when the evening temp gets cooler than the water. I think I read there is nominally something like 90,000 calories of energy stored which is enough protection for an outside temp of 24 degrees for 12 hours. I know that’s way more protection than I need here but they did the job for me in Utah. I have to be careful not to cook them here.
One thing for sure, spec season is over – that is, if it ever started. I think I caught a total of 7 fish starting in November. In a normal season, I get more than that every day, with 25 fish days not being unusual. I don’t keep but a few of the biggest each time but the action is normally fairly consistent. I’m hoping it means next season will be loaded with monsters. So I’m officially switching over to bass and packing away the spec gear. This is normally a little early but what with the last two weeks of warm weather, perhaps the bass will move into the shallows a bit sooner. The low water level could still be a problem. The lake’s come up maybe 6” from it’s lowest point but that still leaves it at least 2′ down from normal.

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