Our Eagle Scout

Had a first time experience last night. Simon became an Eagle Scout and we attended the induction or award ceremony. I’m glad he has that behind him now. He worked hard and was go go go up until about 2 years ago then seemed to lose interest. I hated the idea that he had put so much into scouting and then at the pinnacle, backed off. He fooled me and came back to complete the requirements and get the job done.

I was a bit surprised at the number of people in attendance and just how many people really cared about Simon’s achievement. I learned at the ceremony that only 2% of the kids that enter scouting achieve the Eagle rank. The ceremony itself was a nice combination of formality and personal touches. Tom had prepared a slide show of photo’s taken from Simon’s first scouting experiences, through various award ceremonies, camping trips and ending with his Eagle project. Brought back lots of memories. One thing that surprised me was that he was awarded an American Flag that had been flown for a day over the Capitol building in Washington. Apparently that’s something that’s done by the state’s senior senator, Bill Nelson. All in all it was a night I’ll never forget.

We’ve had a straight week of nice weather and a few more days ahead before it gets cold again – although not as cold as we experienced a few weeks back. It really shows in the garden. The cold weather we had didn’t kill anything but it set the whole garden back quite a bit in terms of growth. Now it’s going gang busters again and starting to look like a real garden. We’ve been picking more than we can eat so the quilt group and bridge crowd are benefitting accordingly. Whenever we’re invited to an event we volunteer to bring the cole slaw. Not sure what vitamins you get from cabbage but whatever it is, we probably have an overdose going. Some broccoli going on and within the next couple of weeks we’ll be rolling in lettuce of several varieties and cauliflower – assuming that we don’t revert to the deep freeze.

Still lookin’ for the spec’s. All my hot spots are now dry spots.

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