Happy New Year

This was an interesting New Years season. We went to Tom’s NY eve party and enjoyed meeting Some of Tom’s students and co-workers along with seeing the Richardson’s again. And meeting Kelly, Tommy’s girl friend. Then on New Years day, Kassem dropped by for the evening with his fiancee. It was really special to meet all the young ladies in these guys lives, Kelly, Jackie, and Julia, Simon’s girl friend. They were very much alike in that they are all in college, very engaging personalities, and all cute. Kelly shares the co-host role with Tommy on the Missouri university radio station. We’ve heard her often so it’s nice to be able to put a face behind the voice. Jackie has a degree in Psychology and continuing on in Radiology; Julia is a budding Journalist at Florida. Of course seeing kassem again was the highlight. He’s completed two tours as a marine in Afghanistan and we are so happy to have him back here safe and sound. He has another 6 months or so and then plans to go back to college and pursue a teaching career. That seems to be the path this generation of Sheronik’s have chosen and we’re proud of all of them. We had one funny moment when Kassem first came into the house. It had been 5 years since he’d seen his cousins and when Olivia walked up to him, he introduced himself – “hi, I’m Kassem”. He simply did not recognize her. When he saw her last she was a little girl, now she’s becoming a beautiful young lady. We all cracked up to see the shock on his face.

And we were again treated to a smoker feast. Tom smoked 16 chicken quarters and, as before, they were incredible. You absolutely won’t find any better smoked barbecue than he fixes up. It was perfectly side matched with our latest cole slaw mix – blends of cabbage and carrots. This time it was Derby Day and Early Jersey Wakefield along with Nantes carrots. I think this may be the best blend yet.

Need I mention the crowning glory of a Florida win over Penn State or the total devastation wreaked on the Big 10 conference. The SEC dominance was not a big surprise to me but I truly enjoyed watching TCU down Wisconsin.

So all in all, this is one of the best New Year’s in quite a while.

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