Bridge champ

Congratulations are in order for my bride. She won the 2010 Crescent City Bridge Club player of the year award. Somehow in bridge they keep track of the games played and points awarded throughout the year. She, obviously, had the highest point count in 2010. Wonder what it’s going to be like living with a champion?

Well today I can answer a burning question – how long does it take a potato plant to break the surface after planting the tuber piece. I am not at all calibrated on that process so after a couple of weeks I start to get nervous that maybe nothing is happening underground. Not to worry, 25 days later out popped the first sign of green. The interesting thing is that unlike germinating a seed where a tiny, barely visible thrip of a leaf makes an appearance anywhere from 3 to 10 days after planting, the leaves that pop out from the potato plant are heavy, deep green and quite robust. I do remember from last season that it seemed to take forever so I don’t think the colder than usual weather has slowed the process. I planted the cut pieces onto a bed of leaf mulch and then overtopped them with another 4-6” of leaf mulch. My thought is that this provided a warmer bed than a soil bed and better protection from the cold. Right now I have half the designated row planted in little red potatoes. The other half is about 75% available with two heads of cabbage remaining to clear it totally. Those will be picked next week at the latest and the first batch of Yukon Gold’s planted. I checked on the ones I pilfered from Nancy’s stash and they have started sprouting nicely.

I thought for sure that I’d be growing bananas by now since this global warming thing has been going on now for quite some time. Instead I’m studying catalogs seeing what the next level of frost protection cloth is going to run and how much additional protection I can get. Instead, my one banana plant looks belly up for sure this time. I’m thinking about digging it up and shipping it off to Al Gore.

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