lake sports

This is the time of year the speckled perch (spec’s) should start biting. I went out on a spotting trip on Wednesday and saw enough to wet my appetite and decide to get serious about it. Went out yesterday afternoon and managed to scrounge up one small spec after two hours of trolling and drifing through fish. Decided to try a bit earlier today – not colddddddd early but about 10AM. Saw plenty of fish but again, nada. Changed lures several times and then got the tiniest of bites. I set the hook lightly and was surprised when it felt fairly solid; then a bit more solid; then a drag pulling bit more. I had my lightest outfit with marginal 6 pound test line and a wee tiny jig. Imagine my surprise when I got it close enough to spot a nice 4 pound bass. Somehow I managed to land it. Who would have thunk it! Caught one more little tiny bass and called it a day. I hate to think about it but history tells me that the best time to get spec’s is early AM. I guess I shouldn’t be so wimpy about 48 degrees considering my 5AM starts at Strawberry with the temp in the teens.


On the hunting scene – Joe 1- cats 0.

On the trapping side – Joe/George 2 – possums 0.

Misc critter events – Joe 0 – spider 1

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