Post Bass Pro Shop report

Tom, Tina, Nancy and I were there for the Bass Pro Shop day after Thanksgiving sale; more specifically the 6AM, 5 hour sale. Was it worth it?

The gun – living in the jungle we occasionally have need for a small caliber varmint handler. Picked up on a nice deal on a .177 caliber pellet gun with a scope. When we got home on Sunday I installed the scope – easier said than done – and then sighted it. That means adjusting the scope so that the gun is accurate. I drew a full size cat head, complete with ears, nose and whiskers on a piece of cardboard. After about 10 shots and adjustments, popped it in the nose at about 50′. So that should be more than adequate. The rifle is not one you’d want to engage an enemy combatant. It’s a single shot and seems to take about a minute to reload. It also takes quite a bit of strength to cock so it’s not something you want to sit and do for an hour.

The tackle – It was coolish and windy today but we hit the beach anyway. Of course I wanted to catch fish but my main objective was to try out the new lures to determine how well they cast. I loaded my new tackle box with the new lures plus a few selected old ones. So now I have a tackle box for lures and one for regular bait tackle. Much nicer. I first tied on the large rattle trap. Turns out the lure is certainly heavy enough and vibrates nicely on the retrieve but the shape is such that it tends to “sail” in an erratic fashion – especially in the wind. Under these conditions I never could get a really far cast. The big mirrorlure, on the other hand, was a bit lighter but more streamlined. I could cast that nicely about half a country mile. Next I tried the small but heavy jig spoons with the incredibly natural fish finish. As soon as I picked it up, I knew this was the right combination of weight and streamlined design. Wow – a full country mile. In general I’m happy with them all but will use the rattle trap under good conditions only. drat!

The clothes – I wore my new nylon pants with the zip off legs. Perfect. I took the legs off when we got there and I was ready to catch sand fleas. Naturally I got soaked but they dried in what seemed like a few minutes so I warmed up fast. And a feature I hadn’t considered – Nancy was chilly so she took the leg parts I had removed and put them on her legs.

The chairs – Light enough to carry conveniently. I knew that. My concern was that since there are four individual legs with no cross bars along the bottom, the legs would sink into the soft sand and maybe tip over. It was a $5 gamble. No problem. They did sink a tad but nothing we couldn’t handle. They were more comfortable than our old ones and had a built in drink holder. What more could we ask for.

So all in all, I’d say it was a success.

And, oh yeah, I checked the glove compartment in the Marquis to see if maybe a disabled sticker was standard. Not one there but I haven’t given up looking. Also I checked and my head sticks up about an inch over the back of the seat so I have not shrunk to goernship yet.

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