ah, the beach

Another great day surf fishing at Flagler so why write about it. Well a couple of differences this time. The weather was great and for the first time in quite a while I hit a west breeze – which means casting with the wind at my back and an ultra calm, clear surf. What could go wrong. It became instantly clear that the sand flea situation had changed. Instead of jilliions of them, I saw none. uh oh, that’s not good. I spent about 15 minutes and did manage to get enough to start anyway. Not sure if this is a seasonal problem, something to do with the cooler weather, or exactly what. I have to remember next November to catch a jillion and freeze them for the dry spell.

Turned out not to be that great a problem since not much was biting sand fleas anyway. So early on with the favorable wind and surf, I decided to really plug it hard using my new shorter, light weight rod and all my new bass pro shop lures. I just switch the reel from the 11′ surf monster rod to a 2 handed, 7′ beauty. One thing for sure, I could cast most of the stuff on the order of 100 yds – way more than adequate. After about a half dozen casts with a small, heavy jig spoon, nailed a nice blue. Interesting thing was that he hit about 20′ from the beach, just at the drop-off. Changed to a mirrorlure. Caught 2 more blues and a surprise – a nice flounder. I never would have anticipated catching a flounder on such a large lure and in the surf. And like the first blue, all the fish nailed the lure within a few feet of the beach so my 100 yd casts were mostly for exercise. Did get one whiting on the sand flea. So all in all had a ball casting the surf. And once again I learned – don’t use soft lures in the surf! chomp, gone; chomp, gone. This time I also learned that fishing top water has it’s problems with diving seagulls. They came out of nowhere and only fast, fast reeling and jerking kept them from picking up my zara.

Our freezer is starting to fill with fish even with me giving away more than half the catch. The blues fillet just beautifully and are the easiest to deal with of any kind I’ve cleaned. They have an extremely small stomach cavity which means they are almost all meat and easy to trim around the bones. The flounder was also quite interesting since I had never filleted one before. As you know they are extremely flat and have a definite top and bottom as opposed to most fish which have “sides”. This was a nice size flounder but still was only about 2” thick. Turns out that you fillet the top side since the bone structure runs horizontally and close to the underside (bottom). You really do need a sharp knife, which I have, but the end result is a very nice looking fillet – a one piece fillet, not the two side fillets you are used to.

And one last thing that for some reason didn’t make the news last night. We had a Tsunami at Flagler Beach. I had the rod with the sand fleas in my sand spike about 25′ up from the surf while I was casting for blues. I look up every minute or so to check for action on that rod. I look up and no rod! Instead I spot it heading down in the clutches of a major wave, no doubt a Tsunami. I ran over and just managed to get there before it went over the edge into the surf dropoff. Had that happened it would have been history. The sand spike had stopped rolling so I got to that just in the nick of time too. I watched local news last night to see if it had been reported but apparently I was the only one who experienced it. Now I know exactly how those people in Indonesia felt.

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