Another bug attack

Tom and I went fishing on the Tomoka River and had an interesting experience. It’s happened before but never to this extent. Shortly after launching the boat and moving a few hundred yards to start fishing we felt a bump on the boat and heard the familiar sound of a manatee surfacing. That’s always a thrill to see a creature as long as the boat bumping up against you. You literally could reach over and touch it. Usually these encounters last a minute or so and then the critter goes about it’s business. In this case it kept around or directly under the boat for an extended time so we couldn’t operate the electric motor without hitting it. Then we noticed it in two places at the same time so clearly there was more than one. We had either two or three aside and/or under the boat so we were kind of trapped. They were totally passive and treated us like a member of the pack. I picked up the paddle and very gently nudged it’s barnacle covered back. We were traveling together with the tide for probably 10 minutes.

And the fish weren’t biting at all. Wonder if the manatee had something to do with that.

Damn. Banged again by some kind of wasplike critter in the jungle. I was back in there clearing and something nailed me really hard on the finger – right where it attaches to the hand. I was out of the thickest part and heading back in when I spotted one small vine that needed clipping. I had taken off my glove, naturally. I never saw what it was but it has to be very tiny but hit with as hard a force as any wasp I’ve ever encountered. A half hour later my hand was still throbbing and starting to swell. Damn again.

The lake is still high and getting even clearer. I can see the bottom, which is dark, in 6’ of water. I really don’t ever remember it being this clear before. It’s also quite warm, mid 90’s so it’s like having a giant hot tub.

Nancy had conflict with a Dr. appointment on Friday so she had to switch bridge from Friday to Wednesday. The good news is that meant we could hit Sky Jacker’s for the Wed peel and eat shrimp special. The bad news is it eliminates our normal Friday finish at Moonrise brewery.

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