Squirrels attack the car

For whatever reason, I’ve attacked the jungle by the dock. It’s now about where I had it 12 or so years ago. Slowly but surely a variety of vines climb into the trees and brush to eventually weave a solid, tight wall of green. I’ve been going at it slowly due to the excessive heat but this week we got a giant break with a cold front bringing us rain and cooler weather. Cool in this context means afternoon temps in the low 90’s; morning temps in the low 80’s. Overcast with an occasional light shower. Perfect for me to go at it non-stop for a couple of hours in the morning. Plenty of sweat but no fatigue. I’ve already done quite a bit more than I had planned. Pulling the vines is a little addictive and what starts as a 10 minute plan just goes on for a couple of hours. An occasional dip in the lake helps. I think I’ll keep at this for a while as long as the weather permits and then have a truck load of fill dirt dropped off in November. That will allow me to fill in some of the holes in the jungle a few wheel barrow loads at a time. Slow and steady instead of the marathon filling I did in the past. Believe it or not – it’s a relaxing no brainer. I keep a couple of fishing rods on the dock in the go mode and if I hear some splashing while pulling vines, I just stop and make a few casts.

I recently read that yellow glasses are beneficial with early stage macular degeneration. I’ve had that for several years but really not noticed much difference in my vision -very slow and not likely to ever be a big problem for me. I broke my current pair of sunglasses and decided to try yellow tinted ones. As soon as I tried them on in WalMart, I noticed things looked clearer so I bought a pair. The label said good for night driving so last night I tried them watching TV. Believe it or not, I could see the TV better but it felt weird sitting in the house with sun glasses on. I started wearing them today and noticed right away that everything looked clearer. So next time you’re in a place with sun glasses, try on a pair. I’m sure it’s not the same for everybody but right now, things seem brighter.

The Grand Marquis started acting up yesterday – running rough and idling at a high speed. The mechanic I use is also a neighbor on Purdom so I just drop the car off at his house and he drives it into his shop in Deland and then back again when he comes home. I knew it needed a tune up – if for no other reason than it’s never had one. It’s a 2006 model so you can do the math. Well he did a complete tune up along with changing all those parts that need occasional change – fuel filters, PVC valves etc etc. What actually caused the rough running and idling problem was a vacuum hose that had been eaten by squirrels/rats. Several wires were also gnawed on. This is the same problem I had a couple of times with the truck and the Toyota. For a while I was checking under the hood occasionally but stopped that for some reason. What Jerry said was that I needed to get a few dryer sheets, e.g. Bounce, and tie those up under the hood. We also had for quite a while put a net bag of camphor balls in the carport under the cars but again, for some reason, just quit doing that. So I need to kick up my game on dealing with the jungle critters. Speaking of which, another double wasp hit this morning. Really, really hurts. This is a variety that’s really tiny but has the sting of it’s largest brothers. I got a bag of ice on the spots, took a benedryl and it reduced the swelling quickly. I think the quick application ice is the key.

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