Great Vacation

Back from the Lake Lure cabin. We had a really fun time with everybody and the only negative was the stairs. No matter what you wanted to do, it involved a long set of stairs to navigate and Nancy had some problems. But we survived and everything else was great. We came home by way of Spartanburg SC and had a Mother’s Day breakfast with almost the whole Sheronik clan. A great pleasure. We’ll for sure be seeing them more now that Chris is all settled in charlotte. He loves his house, his neighborhood, and (so far) his job. His comment after the first day was that it was going to be a challenge and that’s usually a good thing. The store he’s taking over has a very low ranking so if he’s as good as he thinks, should be a piece of cake!!!

We arrived home after dark so I didn’t get to check out the garden until the next day. It was in a fairly high state of maturity when we left and we had no rain so I was expecting the worse. Normally I will putz around in the garden a couple times a day so a week away will always bring surprises. On the plus side, there was a couple pints of cherry tomatoes ready to pick, a load of green/red peppers, and the second planting of green beans was ready. Some zucchini had cratered and some had grown as large as watermelons. Zucchini is a crop you have to stay on top of because things happen so quickly. But all in all, it wasn’t near as bad as I’d feared.

Big rain since returning home. The rain gauge was empty when we got back on Sunday indicating no rain while we were away. We got an inch on Monday, five inches between Tuesday and Thursday and two inches on Friday – so eight inches this week. That brings the lake up to a fairly high level for this time of year. Another 6” and it’ll be over the top of George’s dock. With the forecast we have, that’s very possible this coming week. Our dock is 11” higher than George’s so we should be ok for a while. The thing is that in mid May, we should just be coming out of the dry season with the lake level at least a foot lower than it is now. A few years ago we were down several feet at this time. So if this summer approaches anything like normal rain, for sure we’ll go over the top.

Finished all the heart testing – just routine testing 3 years after the stents were installed. There were 3 tests spread over that many days. Only the nuclear stress test involved a few seconds of discomfort. Other than that, piece of cake. The results show everything totally normal – which is exactly what I thought.

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