What a Week!

Since coming home from NC, we’ve had 7” of rain and the lake is the highest we’ve experienced in quite a few years. The dry season ends and the wet season starts June 1 and it’s more normal for the lake level to be quite a bit lower. If we have anything approaching a wet June, I’m sure the dock will be overtopped. A mid summer hurricane could also be a fun event.

Nancy has a knee (arthroscopic) operation the end of this week. It’s an in and out kind of event but she’ll be mostly off her feet for a couple of days and using a walker. complicating her life just a little more, her blood count dropped off again. This problem has been going on for about 3 years and they just don’t seem able to pin point the source of the blood loss. Can’t catch a break.

We had a bad experience driving Nancy home from her bridge game in Crescent City. We were on US 17 about halfway between Crescent City and Seville – that’s halfway between nowhere and nowhere squared when we developed a flat tire. To make matters worse, I had left the cell phone home so had no way to call AAA. Luckily a kind hearted young lady passed and figured we were in some kind of distress so she rendered assistance – calling AAA for us. Luckily we did have a useable spare in the trunk and an hour later we were heading home and then to the tire place in Deland. I was going to change it myself but the spare itself was low on air and I couldn’t fit the jack under the frame – that’s what I pay AAA for. Turns out the tire was worn down to the steel on the inside edge where it was totally invisible – clearly an alignment problem. So we ended up buying a new tire and having an alignment job. Surprisingly the tire on the other side was ok. The whole episode consumed about 4 hours and ended at cocktail hour so we finished off an otherwise bad day with taco’s and brew at Persimmon Hollow.

And just when you think things can’t be worse – the compressor on the fridge gave up the ghost. We were lucky enough to get a service guy here in a couple of hours but he only confirmed what I thought – compressor problem with a fix that would cost more than a new fridge. Found one that fit the bill at Lowes but delivery not until Sunday – 3 to 4 days without a fridge. Nice. We do have 2 external 5 CF freezers but those are about 90% full. Part of the space was taken up with water bottles intended to use in coolers as needed so those bottles were moved to the dead fridge and the space created, filled with stuff from the dead fridge freezer. So I’m playing a game of rotating frozen water bottles between the working freezers and the dead fridge. I think this will work and we can supplement it with purchased ice if necessary. The fridge is the last of the original major appliances. In the past few months we lost the dishwasher, the stove/oven, and the fridge. They lasted about 17 years so I guess we can’t complain too much. The only original left is the microwave – and that’s not a critical item in any event.

And by the way, we have a tropical storm forming up in the Gulf which should keep us well watered this weekend. Could even raise the lake above dock level. We’re on a roll!!!

No more Swiss Chard; no more kale; no more cabbage -the only greens are the collards and the NZ Spinach. Lots and lots of cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini with other tomato types on the near horizon. About another week on the green beans. There are a few pepper plants that are still putting out and five eggplants that have loads of blossoms but no sign of fruit. Last year that was all that happened with the eggplant – blossoms but no fruit. My guess is that the whole summer crop will be peaking and winding down in June. Then a month or two before I start getting serious about next fall and winter. That’s good news because it gets way too hot to garden July thru September.

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