New Smoothie Ingredient

I mentioned that the kitchen is now bright, bright, super bright. The 7 overheads are each 1100 lumen “daylight” LED lights but we hadn’t done anything about the 3 lamps over the eating bar, regular 65 watt incandescents. They had a yellow caste and didn’t look exactly right when the overheads were on. One of those bulbs burned out so I replaced all 3 of them with 800 lumen LED’s that I had picked up on sale several months back. Holy Cow! We can really see what’s going on in the kitchen now. Nancy says she can actually see what she’s eating.

Another upgrade/change to help us with our aging eyes – a phone with a larger screen and bigger keys. I saw it in Walmart and thought it would help Nancy. Unfortunately it didn’t really do anything for Nancy but it sure helps me. The other thing about it that is great for Nancy is that when you lift the receiver from the base station (corded), it’s “on”. With the old one you lifted it from the cradle and then punched a button – or tried to push a button. That’s where Nancy had some trouble with numerous cutoffs.

Nancy was invited to make a quilt presentation to the Crescent City Women’s Club. It was during her lunch break at the Crescent City bridge game. I normally drop her off at about 9AM and then pick her up at 2:30 so I gave some thought to going up at noon to watch her presentation but decided that might put too much pressure on her. We packed up half a dozen quilts, each using a different quilting technique. She’s planning to do what she called a “trunk show” so it wasn’t a lecture but more “show and tell”. And it’s a friendly crowd of mostly people she knows.

Tried a new (to me) ingredient in my smoothie, aloe. Somebody told me you could buy the leaves in some health stores (bet that’s expensive) and add to the mix to improve it nutritionally and for improved digestion. I certainly have aloe growing wild in several locations so I looked it up online and sure enough it’s touted strongly as a healthy additive so I decided to try it out. I picked a leaf, peeled it, and put it in along with a large collard leaf, a couple of blueberries, a couple of strawberries, a couple chunks of pineapple, yogurt etc. My normal mix except for the aloe. To tell the truth, I couldn’t detect any change at all. The trick part is peeling the leaf.

Have to be extra careful trimming the palmettos this time of year. They’re in full bloom and attract bees like crazy. They’re busy collecting pollen so I can walk close by and just bring forth some buzzing but if I happen to grab the wrong frond, big trouble. I wear heavier clothing for some protection but best to just leave well enough alone.

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