Blueberry Adventure

We ended up spending good bit of the day procuring blueberries. Our local purveyor had a bad season so we headed over towards Ocala where the farmers were claiming bumper crops. The first one was Auntie Zelma’s up towards Gainesville. No trouble We bought a flat, about 5 pounds. These berries were much larger than the ones we got last year in Crescent City. It just so happens that Auntie’s Farm is close to our favorite barbecue place ever and it just so happens it was near noon so……… The special was a corned beef Rueben sandwich, a big surprise. We split that along with a side of ribs – you can buy any number of ribs you want. Excellent as usual. This is one of those places that no one but a native would frequent. Simon put us onto it when he was living in Gainesville and we ended up having his graduation dinner party there.

After lunch we headed for Abshier Farms in Bellview, about 30 miles away. We knew exactly how to find Auntie Zelma’s so didn’t bother programming it into the GPS but did load Abshier Farms’ address since that was more difficult to find. We headed off to Bellview and turned on the GPS unit and then noticed that it turned itself off in about 10 seconds. First thought, GPS died; second thought – how do we find the blueberry farm. That problem was solved by calling Tom, giving him our current location and the target location. Within a minute he gave us directions and we found the place. Great blueberries, even bigger and juicier than the first place so we bought another 5 pounds. We asked the proprietress for directions back toward the beach which sounded fairly easy. No such luck and we wandered around in circles until we accidentally stumbled on a familiar highway and managed to get back on track. Of course we didn’t have a map in the car, at least not a Florida map. In messing around trying to get our GPS working I thought perhaps the GPS unit was ok but maybe the battery charger had cratered – the light that’s normally on was off. Then I tried plugging in the phone charger and it didn’t light up as it should have. Uh oh, the cigarette lighter socket was bad – maybe not so trivial a part to find and change. By the time we got home I got to thinking that maybe it was a fuse; but why would a fuse blow? I decided to pursue that path, found the fuse box and located the one assigned to the cigarette lighter. Sure enough it was blown. But why? First step is to buy a new fuse. Did that, installed it and Oila! problem solved. I also found why it had blown in the first place. A few years ago someone, I think my sister, had given me a fishing fly that a friend had hand tied and I put it in the ashtray. When I was messing around with the lighter I noticed this strange looking thing jammed way up inside the tray. I got a pair of needle nose pliers and grabbed onto what I thought was trash and pulled out the hook.

I took a walk on the wild side and bought a new house phone with a large screen display. I was fairly certain it would help Nancy. You walk a narrow line by trying something only to find it didn’t work – sort of throws gas on the fire. Sure enough it didn’t work for Nancy but it actually turned out better since I was personally having problems reading the small display on our then current phone sets.

Another walk on the wild side – a new biscuit recipe. I’m a biscuit Nazi and Nancy is determined to make biscuits I’m lovin’. So should I say they’re good when they’re not since she’s put a lot of work into them or be honest. Up to date I’ve taken the honest route and we’ve gone through several recipes. This latest recipe was a bit more involved and as we put them in the oven, I was thinking about giving them a thumbs up no matter. But then she’ll make them again and I’ll be stuck. As it turns out, they were great, the best so far. If you are looking for a good recipe, they are called Tricia Yearwood Angel biscuits and easy to find online.

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