Back to Normal

Back to normal. We lost power when the storm hit Friday and it was restored late Monday afternoon. Along the way the refrigerator crapped out just to make things more challenging. We have two small standalone freezers so for four days I was shuffling frozen water jugs between the fridge and the freezers a couple times a day to keep from losing contents. First thing Monday morning I called the appliance repair place but the best they could do was schedule a service call for Tuesday afternoon. Monday night I decided to make one more run at fixing it myself and did!!! So on Tuesday morning when I checked, as if by magic there were ice cubes. Service call cancelled. We had already found a replacement that is on sale until the 15th so if it craters again, we’ll jump on it.

The game plan is to finish the cleanup today now that we have power restored. That means breaking out the chain saw and attacking those large branches that were just too big to tackle with pruning equipment and blowing away the small debris that still covers the driveway. I reckon this to be a full day’s work by the time I get it over to the burn pile.
In the garden, squash plants looking good, ditto cuc’s and pole beans; jury still out on tomatoes.

Went over to check on the house we’ve been remodeling/rebuilding and it weathered the storm without a hitch. He lost a few trees and had to cut his way into the driveway but no damage. The next job there is installing the plumbing but that will have to wait a few days while we all do storm cleanup.

About a year ago our power washer crashed. That was a good news/bad news kind of thing because it was a pain to use but Nancy was always on me to pressure wash this, that, or the other thing. I did halfheartedly look for a replacement and found one a while back that looked like a decent design and reasonable price – when on sale. I really needed a power washer a few weeks back and decided to borrow my neighbor’s unit. He has this monster, gas powered machine, and I could tell right away it was an overkill and also it wouldn’t start. As luck would have it, the one I had my eye on came on sale at Lowes so I reluctantly made the purchase. It’s an electric powered unit that provides 2000PSI pressure (as compared to George’s 3500 PSI unit). My old electric was 1650 psi and it did the job so I knew 2000 was adequate. It did the job just fine. What I like about this one compared to my old one is that the pressure hose is longer and much more flexible and the power cord is much longer. It’s also mounted on nicer wheels so the whole unit can be moved with less pain. I have the big screen porch and the concrete deck at the house to do but also the dock about 200’ away. It was always a struggle to move the old unit from one area to the other. Much, much easier with this one. The only issue I had was washing the sheds, a couple hundred feet up the driveway. I learned that this unit is much more sensitive to input water pressure/volume and needs a larger diameter hose and larger faucet facilities than I have up by the pump. I’ll fix that in the near future when the smoke clears from the storm damage.

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