2 Days After

Day 2 after the storm. I woke up about 7AM and there was just enough light to walk up to the generator. Fueled and restarted it in about 2 minutes and back to the house. There was a light on in the bedroom but it didn’t wake Nancy so she’ll get up this AM to lights and a freshly brewed pot of coffee. This is getting routine. A pleasant surprise last evening. Nancy decided to take a cold shower. I knew that wouldn’t play since our well water is a cold 72 but she came out and said it wasn’t bad at all and that I should take one. I knew this was a ruse to get me to freeze my butt off but I did need one and figured if she could tough it out, so could I. Turned out the water was actually quite warm – not hot but certainly comfortable. I got out probably in under 2 minutes but the water was still nice. We have a 40 gallon water tank at the well and then the hot water heater tank in the house so I figure that until the tank levels fall to a certain level, the well pump doesn’t turn on. The well tank sits outside in partial sun so I guess that water is in the 90’s; ditto the hot water heater in the house.

I revisited the shed where the large limb had landed on the roof and upon closer examination, it did punch a hole in the roof so when I pulled out the branch the metal roof was ripped and exposed to the elements. I tried to straighten it out as best I could and then made a duct tape patch followed by a square foot piece of tarp and another layer of duct tape. That should hold up just fine until I can devise something better.

Went down to the dock and was pleased to find it largely intact. The glider swing was in the water but I had tied it so it didn’t drift away. Ditto the ladder. Lots of broken branches but nothing requiring a chain saw so I was able to fairly well straighten in out in a couple of hours. The lake is at the highest level it’s been in a few years but still about a foot below deck level. Also the garden was not as tattered as it looked yesterday. I’ll know in a few days if it will fully recover but I’m hopeful.

Nancy’s getting more adventuresome with the electric and used her hair dryer and a stove burner to cook breakfast. We had been using the Holland exclusively so this adds a dimension.

No word yet on our beach place. Flagler was hit fairly hard and whole sections of A1A were washed away. From the news, it seems worse a few miles south of where we stay and we have our fingers crossed that it will be useable next month.

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